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Hierarchy of Entities in Engage (Asset Managment)
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Strategy: Grouping (Category) of investment products that are sold by an asset management firm ex) US Fixed Income

Product: Investment Product that is sold by an asset management firm ex) US Municipal Bonds

Investor Account: Investor/subscriber (end client) of the Product.

Relationship: *CRM Account object; relate multiple investment account records to a Relationship record

Addresses: Account for more than two addresses on the relationship and contact card

Companies/Firms: Houses companies for COI's, Vendors, Custodians and Advisors.  Advisor category is specific to the Asset Management version of Elements ex) Morgan Stanley

Distribution Channels:  A distinct segment of the Company that is selling the AM firm's Investment Products to their clients ex)  Morgan Stanley San Diego

Distribution Teams: A more granular level to separate unique groups of advisor.  This is typically done with larger firms ex)  Morgan Stanley San Diego - Baird Team

Team Members (Contacts)Each record coincides with one person 

Vendor Contracts: Store contract data for company's the firm deals with ex) custodians, commercial lease agreements etc.

Tasks: To-do's, can be set up for individuals or team queues

Activities: call, task, event & email

InTouch (Service Level):  Define touch point frequencies for Relationships, Distribution Channels/Teams and New Business records

Time/Expense: At a high level calculates overall time and expense allocated towards Relationships, Distribution Channels/Teams and New Business records

Pipeline: Track prospect new business and existing client new business data here

Marketing: Spot for capturing events and marketing lists.  Track contacts associated with each event, and whether invites have been accepted or rejected

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