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Pipeline - Opportunities on Engage
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In Salentica Engage, an opportunity is the potential sale, service or product you are offering your client. With an opportunity you can forecast revenue, set a potential close date, and factor in a probability for the sale. You can also track contact information and information about the salesperson working on the opportunity. You must link a new opportunity to an existing Relationship or Contact.


If you’re following the sales process from start to finish, you qualify a lead to turn it into an opportunity and potentially an associated contact to the opportunity.


You can create a new opportunity or convert one from a qualified lead without re-entering the data. When you convert a qualified lead to an opportunity, you can access the lead record, which includes activities, from the corresponding opportunity form. The preferred way is to create an opportunity from a lead. 

Create or Edit an Opportunity 

To create or edit an opportunity:

  1. In the site map, select Opportunity.

  2. If you’ve qualified a lead to an opportunity, open the opportunity from the list.


    To create a new opportunity, on the command bar, select New.

  3. In the opportunity form, make sure that your potential customer’s important details are captured. Most of the fields will be automatically populated from the lead record:

    • Topic. Interest in the opportunity, such as specific product details.

    • Contact. The contact associated with this opportunity.

    • Relationship. The relationship associated with this opportunity.

    • Opportunity Type. Categorize the type of opportunity, Household or Institutional. 

    • Pipeline Phase. A locked field, determined by where you are in the sales process. 

    • Forecast Details. Helpful data points, including Net Worth, Projected Investment, & Estimated Revenue.

    • Probability. Indicates the likelihood of a sale occurring.

    • Opportunity Warmth. Indicates how active the opportunity is.

    • Est. Close Date. An estimated date by which the opportunity is expected to close.

  4. Last Touch will be updated based on activities on the opportunity.

  5. To save your changes, on the command bar, select Save.

  6. Follow the process bar to move the opportunity to the next stage.

Opportunity Process Bar

In the Qualify stage, enter data for these fields:

  • Projected Investment

  • Estimated Close Date

  • Set Opportunity Warmth

  • Enter Referral Source

  • Referred By

In the Discovery stage, enter the details for these fields:

  • Net Worth Review

  • Update Net Worth

  • Schedule Follow Up

  • Update Est. Close Date

  • Update Opportunity Warmth

In the Propose stage, enter the details for these fields:

  • Proposal Ready
  • Proposal Presented
  • Proposal Signed and Received
  • Update Est. Close Date

In the Close stage, 

  • Enter Actual Investment
  • Enter Actual Close Date

Close an Opportunity 

Whether you win a sale or close an opportunity, you probably want to close it. You will have the option to reopen the opportunity later if it becomes a viable sale.

  1. In the list of opportunities, open the opportunity you want to close.

  2. On the command bar, select Close as Won or Close as Lost.

  3. Enter the details in the dialog box, and select OK.

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