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A Product is an individual fund or product sold to investors. Products on Engage let you see insights like market value, investor accounts that hold the product, share of the strategy, and more. Aggregated information allows you to see Product expansion or contraction over time. A Product may be part of an overall investment strategy that pools multiple, similar products together. 

How do I see Products?

To access Products, you will go to Salentica Menu> Assets > Products. Here you will find lists of Products including Active Products,  Inactive Products, Products - Reference Panel, and any lists you or your firm create. To view a Product's details, select the Product Code

What's in a Product?

Product Menu

Tabs of information associated with the Product

  • General
  • Related
  • Administrative

Product Details

  • Product Code
  • Product Name
  • Product Type
  • Strategy
  • Tax Status
  • Benchmark
  • Description
  • Inception Date
  • Termination Date
  • Termination Details
  • Total Market Value 🔑
  • Number of Open Accounts 🔑
  • Average Account Size 🔑
  • Valuation Date 🔑
  • Share of Strategy (%) 🔑

Product Aggregation

Based on the totals of the underlying accounts, displays YTD, Rolling 12M, and Inception to Date totals for the following categories:

  • Contributions 🔑
  • Withdrawals 🔑
  • Accounts Opened 🔑
  • Accounts Closed 🔑

Product Performance

Allows your firm to manually enter these performance details periodically for Gross, Net, and, Benchmark returns:

  • QTD 

  • YTD 
  • 1 Year 
  • 3 Year 
  • 5 Year 
  • 10 Year 
  • Inception 
  • Performance As of Date 


  • Created On 🔑
  • Created By 🔑
  • Modified On 🔑
  • Modified  By 🔑
  • Owner
  • Currency
  • Include in Rollup (Yes/No)



🔑 - Field is calculated, cannot be updated manually.

Reference Panel

The Reference Panel quickly summarizes all your needed information about the Product. This includes:

  • Investor Accounts
  • Distribution Channels
  • Distribution Teams
  • Contributions
  • Withdrawals

Choose Additional Actions for more options on the Reference Panel.

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