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Contacts on Asset Management
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Contact records store much of the information that you and your team collect from your customers. 

Similar to Outlook or other email programs, you store data about the people you know and work with in Contacts. These may include team members of the Distribution Teams you work with.

Usually, a Relationship has more than one Contact associated with it, especially when you’re working with a larger company with many departments or locations and you deal with several people to manage the account.

Contacts on Asset Manager include aggregated account information such as total market value, contributions, withdrawals, etc.

Contact Navigation 

To access Contacts, select Menu > Clients > Contacts. You can choose to view My Contacts, All Contacts, or other views you or your firm create. Each of these lists is searchable, sortable, and filterable. You can also view charts that are associated with the Contact views. To view a specific Contact's details, select the Contact Name

What's in a Contact?

Contact Details

  • Salutation
  • First Name
  • Middle Name
  • Last Name
  • Suffix
  • Relationship (investor/subscriber)
  • Job Title
  • Company/Firm
  • Distribution Channel
  • Distribution Team
  • Spouse/Partner Name

Contact Type

  • Prospect/Client
    • Prospect, Client, or Former Client
  • COI
    • COI Status: Yes/No
    • Type: Attorney/CPA/Advisor
  • External Resource
    • External Resource Status: Yes/No
    • Type: Custodial Contact/Investment Contact/Vendor/Travel/Media/Guest Speaker
  • Important Dates
    • Birthday
    • Date of Death
    • Next Birthday 🔑
    • Wedding Anniversary
  • Phone Numbers
    • Business
    • Home
    • Mobile
    • Fax
  • Email Addresses
    • Email 1
    • Email 2
  • Last Touch
    • Last Contact Type 🔑
    • Last Contacted By 🔑
    • Last contacted Date 🔑
  • Relationship Team
    • Inherit Relationship Team (Yes/No)
    • Relationship Manager
    • Associate

Asset Management Details

  • Highlights
    • Total Market Value (advisor) 🔑
    • Average Account Size 🔑
    • Number of Open Accounts 🔑
    • Valuation Date 🔑

The following have information for YTD, Rolling 12 Months, and Inception to Date timeframes:

  • Contributions 🔑
  • Withdrawals 🔑
  • Accounts Open 🔑
  • Accounts closed 🔑


  • Age 🔑
  • Gender
  • Marital Status
  • Citizenship
  • SSN
  • SSN (Last 4 Digits) 🔑
  • Employer
  • Employment Status
  • Annual Income
  • Contact Communication Preferences
    • Preferred Method of Contact
      • Mail
      • Fax
      • Email
      • Phone
      • Any
      • Send Marketing Materials
        • Send
        • Do Not Send
      • Email
        • Allow
        • Do Not Allow
      • Bulk Email
        • Allow
        • Do Not Allow
      • Phone
        • Allow
        • Do Not Allow
      • Mail
        • Allow
        • Do Not Allow


  • Underlying Note about the Contact. This will be a Note that will always show about this person.


  • Notes about the Contact in chronological order by default.


  • Address
    • Inherit Relationship Address
    • Inherit Company Address
    • Address (Choose an existing Address record from the Address Management tool)†
  • Map
  • Address Management Tool


  • Record Details
    • Created On 🔑
    • Created By 🔑
    • Modified On 🔑
    • Modified By 🔑
    • Owner
    • Include in Rollup (Yes/No)
    • Originating Lead 🔑 
    • Currency
  • External ID

Rep Codes

  • Track multiple Rep Codes associated with the Contact with Start and End Dates



† - Record must be created before it can be assigned.

🔑 - Field is calculated, cannot be updated manually.

Reference Panel

The Reference Panel quickly summarizes all your needed information about the Contact. This includes:

  • Important Information
  • Rep Codes
  • Financial Accounts
  • Relationship
  • Connections

From this panel, you can edit key Contact Details, view in compact or expanded detail information about the Contact, and export the information to Excel.

Choose Additional Actions for more options on the Reference Panel.


A fully customizable part of the Contact entity, the Header includes top information about the Contact that your System Administrator has indicated to be vital to your Contacts. By default, our Header includes calculated information (Age and Last contacted On) and loaded information (Email and Relationship Manager.

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Salentica can be customized by your System Administrator, so your views & access may differ from this documentation. Please contact your System Administrator with specific questions.

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