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Hierarchy of Entities on Engage
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Watch a short video to learn more about Entity Hierarchy in Engage!


Family: Connect two or more relationships together - Look at multiple Relationships together as a whole Family.

RelationshipYour main hub of information within your CRM, relating all the other objects together in one place. Here, you can link Contacts, Portfolios, Financial Accounts, and Legal Entities together so you can get a holistic picture of your clients.

       Note - in CRM speak, this is generally known as the Account object

PortfoliosCollection of Legal Entities and/or Financial Accounts grouped together, based on common traits, like risk tolerance, ownership stake, or reporting needs

Investment Policy Statement: A contractual agreement between financial advisors and clients to "manage a portfolio" in the context of an asset allocation framework, usually given explicit risk and return objectives and time horizon, liquidity, taxation, and special constraints - Track the highlights of a client's IPS for quick reference.

Model: Asset allocation (or Target) framework used by financial advisors to streamline investment management by risk-return profile

Legal EntitiesSpecific legal titles, usually with a unique "Tax ID", used to denote ownership and control claims

Financial AccountsCustody or non-custody shell accounts used to consolidate individual holdings

Financial AssetsCustody or non-custody individual holding of a tangible/intangible piece of property  

Financial LiabilitiesCustody or non-custody holdings of tangible or intangible assets (i.e. real estate, collectibles)

ContactsAn individual person - either Relationship Members, Professional Contacts, Prospects/Leads, etc.

     Note - Multiple Contacts can be associated with a Relationship, however for each Relationship, there can only be one 'Primary Contact' 

CompaniesA company with whom you do business, or a record of your client's employers

Investment Managers: Track the Investment Managers with whom your firm works. An investment manager may handle all activities associated with the management of client portfolios, from day-to-day buying and selling of securities to portfolio monitoring, transaction settlement, etc

Investment Vehicles: Easily track the Investment Vehicles in which your clients invest

Asset Allocation: A junction entity that allows you to see what Investment Vehicles ascribe to a specific Model

WorkflowsWorkflows are multistep, repeatable processes that are organized and tracked in your CRM. Generally, a Workflow is made up of a list of tasks, approvals, and/or checklists.

TasksPart of a Workflow, the action times required to complete the process - Can be assigned to individuals or team queues

ActivitiesCalls, Tasks, Events, & Emails

     Calls - The easiest way to record notes from a call with a Contact or Relationship

     Tasks - To-do's or specific actions to accomplish

     Events - A calendar appointment scheduled in your CRM, or synced with your email (Outlook or Google)

     Email - Email messages sent or received, related to Relationships & Contacts from Outlook or Google

InTouch (Service Level)Define & assign touchpoint frequencies for Relationships, Distribution Channels/Teams and New Business records - Automations will let you know when you need to get in touch again!

AddressesEasily manage multiple addresses for the same Relationship or Contact

Opportunities:  Track prospective business for new or existing clients 

EventsCampaign management object for lead generation

LeadsUnqualified contacts for new business opportunities

Important Information: Consolidated note object to highlight events/relevant information about a relationship: (pending divorce, litigation, key life events, etc.) 

Compliance: legacy object module for DIY compliance monitoring, adherence, and recordkeeping w/in CRM.  Please note that CRMs are WORM compliant and as such, without material configuration changes, not SEC 17a-4 complaint.


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