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Investment Management - Investment Vehicles
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The different types of investment vehicles are subject to regulation in the jurisdiction in which they are provided. Each type has its own risks and rewards. Deciding which vehicles fit particular portfolios depends on the investor's knowledge of the market, skills in financial investing, risk tolerance, financial goals, and current financial standing.  We have added Investment Vehicles to the Wealth Management platform so that you can more easily track the Investment Vehicles your clients invest in.

Creating New Investment Vehicles

The main way to create Investment Vehicles is to go to Menu > Investment Vehicle+New


From here, you enter the requested and required information about the Investment Vehicles.

What's in Investment Vehicles?


  • Summary
    • Name
    • Investment Vehicle Status
    • Market Value
    • Valuation Date
    • Investment Vehicle AUM
    • % AUM of Investment Manager
    • Fund Name
    • Fund Strategy
    • Parent (Investment Manager)
    • Seed/Internal Commitment
    • Share Type/Class
    • Type
  • Investment Terms
    • Investment Period/Fund term
    • Liquidity Notes
    • Committed Capital
    • Contributed Capital
    • Distributions
  • Asset Allocations
  • Activities Plus
  • Allocation
    • Total Invested AUM
    • Initial Contribution
    • Notify Investment Manager or Liquidity Events?
  • Fees
    • Management Fees
    • Performance Fees
    • Carried Interest?
    • Claw Back?
    • Performance Hurdle
  • Investment Process
    • Description
    • Investment Committee?
    • Initial Contribution (Base)
  • Performance
    • YTD (Net)
    • 1 Year (Net)
    • 3 Year (Net)
    • 5 Year (Net)
    • 10 Year (Net)
    • Inception (Net)
    • YTD (Gross)
    • 1 Year (Gross)
    • 3 Year (Gross)
    • 5 Year (Gross)
    • 10 Year (Gross)
    • Inception (Gross)
    • YTD Benchmark
    • Benchmark 1y
    • Benchmark 3y
    • Benchmark 5y
    • Benchmark 10y
    • Benchmark Inception

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