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Introduction to Engage Workflows
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Workflows are multistep, repeatable processes you and your firm want to track. They can be for just about anything you do within your firm that involves steps that will always be the same. Generally, Workflows are initiated based on a client's request, but you can also track internal workflows that are associated with your client's Relationships. Workflows help to create processes and audits, documenting client inquiries, creating efficiencies within your business. 


Another couple of notes about Workflows: 

  • Workflows are not Activities, but rather they encompass the activities/tasks as steps that happen within the process.
  • You can create as many Workflow Templates as you want.
  • As System Administrator, you have the power to define the steps involved in your processes, decide to whom the tasks are assigned, and indicate how long each step in the Workflow should be open, all through a simple user interface.
  • As a daily user, you can add, edit, or adjust the Workflows on a one-off nature, so that you can customize the process for each Relationship or request.

Predefined Workflows

Salentica has created common Workflows for you, with corresponding tasks and potentially approvals. It is also possible for you to create custom Workflows for your firm through Engage Settings if you're a System Administrator. Contact the Engage service team to help you through the creation of the custom workflows.

  • Account Opening - Standard
  • Client Onboarding - Standard
  • Deposit - Standard
  • Risk Tolerance Update
  • Withdrawal - Standard

Workflow Launcher - Start a new Workflow

Did a client call in about a deposit they are going to make? Let's get the Deposit - Standard Workflow started! You can either navigate to the Relationship and start the workflow from there, or you can click on Workflow Launcher on your left menu to start a new workflow.


Starting a Workflow from Launcher


Starting a Workflow Launcher from the Relationship

Workflows - Look at open Workflows

Let's see where we are with our current open workflows! Click on Workflows on your left menu to see views of your open or soon to be due workflows!

Workflow Launcher Video

To see the Workflows in action, take a look at this quick video that shows you how to use the Workflow Launcher and follow your open Workflows.

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Salentica can be customized by your System Administrator, so your views & access may differ from this documentation. Please contact your System Administrator with specific questions.

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