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Create Activities
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Activities Plus gives you the option to document your interactions with a client. This object displays the Activities associated with the record you are on, and provides the ability for you to add new Activities from within that screen. We recommend that you create your records on the Contact or Relationship, and make sure you relate all activities to the Contact and Relationship.

Adding a New Activity

  1. On the right side of the Contact or Relationship form, you will see a grid titled Activities Plus.
  2. Click on the Add New button to create a new activity record.

  1. Select the activity type you would like to document from the dropdown:
    • Client Review Meeting: a regularly scheduled meeting between the advisor and client to review performance and further develop the relationship
    • Meeting Note: to document in-person meetings with clients (baseball games, golf, conferences, etc.)
    • Phone Call: quick calls with a client to confirm account details, or say hello
      1. Note: If the call entailed performance reviews – please enter the activity as a Client Review Meeting
    • Task: Used to track any internal follow up or action items pending for the client
    • Note and Attachment: Used to upload one-off reports or documentation created for the client to track as part of the record

  1. Enter details regarding the activity on the quick create form.


  1. If you are finished entering all details regarding the interaction, select Mark Complete on the bottom and Save and Close.

    Note: It is important to Mark Complete as this ensure the Last Contact dates get updated on the record. If you do not Mark Complete, the activity remains Open in draft mode.

It is important to note that once an activity is marked as Complete, it will show as Read-only and cannot be edited.

Adding Attachments to an Activity

Pre-requisites: Steps 1 – 5 above

  1. Click on the refresh icon at the top of the Activities Plus screen, and the activity you created from the previous steps should be visible
  2. Click on the Subject to open up the Activity and a screen will pop open with all the details of the activity
  3. Under the Notes/Attachments section, click on the paperclip icon
  4. Double click to select the attachment you want to add

Note: you can only add one attachment at a time

  1. Back on the Activity screen click on Add Note
  2. Your attachment has been added to the Activity
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