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Microsoft Release Wave 2 ('23) on Salentica Engage
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We are very excited to partner with the best in the CRM business because their releases help you too! The most recent release for Microsoft Dynamics 365 is currently rolling out, and below are important dates and links to review. Microsoft releases new features in "waves" during the update timeframe. See more details from Microsoft here

Key Dates




Release plans available

July 18, 2023

Public disclosure of 2023 Release Wave 2 plans.

Early access available

July 31, 2023

Early access public preview available to new features and capabilities before they are enabled automatically.

General availability

October 1, 2023

General availability for 2023 Release Wave 2 begins.
Canada - Sept 29-Oct 2
USA/North America - Oct 20-Oct 23


Below are some of the key enhancements we want to highlight as your Microsoft partner.

  • Sales Accelerator Transformation to Sales Engagement
  • Sales Engagement Form Load Enhancements
  • New Look Available
  • Copilot for Dynamics 365 Sales

Sales Accelerator Transformation to Sales Engagement

Overview: A strategic rebranding coupled with a series of enhancements aimed at optimizing customer outreach and personalizing user experiences.

Details: The introduction of a bot for initial customer engagement, improved work list items, and heightened personalization capabilities are set to redefine the sales process, fostering more meaningful and productive customer interactions.


Sales Engagement Form Load Enhancements

Overview: A commitment to efficiency and user-friendliness, this update promises a substantial reduction in form loading time.

Details: Users can anticipate a 40% decrease in form loading time, enhancing navigation and reducing downtime, although further details on the navigation improvements remain to be unveiled.


New Look Available

Overview: Modern and refreshed user experience with updated styling and controls

Details: The updated styling, including drop shadows and brighter background colors, enhances the look and usability of the system, resulting in increased user engagement and productivity.



Copilot for Dynamics 365 Sales

Sales Copilot (Formerly VIVA SALES): Elevating Lead Management

October 2023 will see a significant transition, as "Viva Sales" evolves to become the "Sales Copilot". This change is not only a rebranding but extends to encompass a broader spectrum of functionalities that integrate seamlessly with Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Outlook. The essence of Viva Sales remains intact, forming a vital component of the comprehensive offerings under the Sales Copilot umbrella.

In this release wave, while the additions might seem subtle, they carry a substantial impact, particularly the much-anticipated support for Leads. Until now, the focus has been predominantly on Relationships, Contacts, and Opportunities. 

Users can now look forward to a more enriched experience, where they can align email communications with leads, similar to how they interact with contacts currently. This enhancement paves the way for more streamlined scheduling of meetings with leads and even facilitates the creation of new leads directly from emails.

Additionally, users with appropriate access levels will have the flexibility to tailor the leads table display within the Sales Copilot, determining the extent of viewability and edit options for lead data. For organizations that prefer a different approach, there's the provision to disable the lead table feature in Sales Copilot, ensuring alignment with their specific operational strategies.


AI-Generated Account Summary

Overview: Building upon existing capabilities, this feature promises a comprehensive and insightful overview of accounts.

Details: Users will be equipped with summaries of related opportunities and cases, along with the latest news on an account, enhancing strategic planning and customer engagement.



Overview: A revolutionary feature designed to optimize customer interactions through AI-driven content recommendations.

Details: While the exact functionalities have not been disclosed, users can expect context-based content suggestions during customer collaborations, with a preview slated for January 2024.

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