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Microsoft Release Wave 2 ('22- '23) on Salentica Engage
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We are so excited to partner with the best in the CRM business because their releases help you too! The most recent release for Microsoft Dynamics 365 is currently rolling out, and below are important dates and links to review. Microsoft releases new features in "waves" during the update timeframe. 

Key Dates




Release plans available

July 12, 2022

Learn about the new capabilities coming in the 2022 release wave 2 (October 2022 – March 2023) across Dynamics 365 and industry clouds and Microsoft Power Platform.

Early access available

August 1, 2022

Test and validate new features and capabilities that will be a part of the 2022 release wave 2, coming in October, before they get enabled automatically for your users. You can view the Microsoft Power Platform 2022 release wave 2 early access features now.

Release plans available in 11 additional languages

August 5, 2022

The Dynamics 365 and industry clouds and Power Platform release plans are published.

General availability

October 1, 2022

Production deployment for the 2022 release wave 2 begins. Regional deployments will start on October 1, 2022.



Below are some of the key enhancements we want to highlight as your Microsoft partner.

  • New Advanced Find on by Default

  • New Look for Forms

  • Teams and Outlook Collaboration

  • New Grid Control

  • Extended Grid Aggregation Capabilities

  • Compose Email with New Insert Template

  • Connect to External Data from Dataverse

  • Improved Experience for Selecting Dynamic Values 

New Advanced Find on by Default

The new advanced find feature, which has been in general availability since April 2022, will now be turned on by default. The legacy advanced find will be turned off by default. You can turn it back on but we recommend using the new improved search feature as the legacy advance find will eventually go away for good. 

New Look for Forms

Forms have a new look with sections being a lighter color to stand out from the background. Form fields are no longer separated by lines.


Teams and Outlook Collaboration

Collaboration across different teams often happens on MS Teams chat. This feature helps users keep track of the latest in their conversations associated with a record. Providing an entry into the timeline for key chat events, like starting a linked chat, attaching documents, or restarting an existing linked chat conversation, helps business users to remain updated and notify them of important updates to the linked conversations. Business users can easily discover recent activity on the chats via the direct entry into the record's timeline. Business users can:

  • Track a linked chat as an activity in the timeline.
  • See important activities in the chat on the associated record's timeline.
  • Get notified when a conversation gets updated, a document gets shared, or when a conversation gets linked or unlinked.
  •  Search the timeline for specific chat activities.
  • Go directly to the conversation of interest from the record's timeline.

Find more information on Microsoft Teams Integration here


New Grid Control

(Public preview from August / Generally Available from October)

This feature provides lots of great updates to the grid including improved performance for faster rendering speed and scrolling, reorder columns by dragging and dropping, pin a marked column to the left, mathematical formulas can be entered in numeric cells, faster data entry, and users can copy tables from Excel directly into grids. 


Extended Grid Aggregation Capabilities

(Public preview from August / Generally Available from October)

You can now get more insight into your table data by showing new aggregation functions for columns in grids. This feature extends the current totals feature in the grid by giving users four total aggregation functions for each numeric column. Besides showing a total, grid columns will now allow you to select between minimum value, maximum value, or average value in the column. If a grouping has been performed within the grid, the chosen aggregation function for that column will show for each group.


Compose Email with New Insert Template

(Public preview from August / Generally Available from October)

Email templates allow users to create consistent, preformatted email messages to communicate with clients. With this feature, users can insert an existing email template into their email in a fast and easy way which helps save time and reduce operational efforts. You can search for a template based on the title, subject, description, and content of the email template.



Power Platform Updates

Connect to External Data from Dataverse

(Public preview from October / Generally Available from January 2023)

Virtual tables allow users to work with external data in Dataverse even though the data is not located in Dataverse. This feature allows the ability to create tables from external data sources including SQL Server, Excel, or Microsoft List. You will be able to interact with the data as if it is a part of Dataverse. 


Improved Experience for Selecting Dynamic Values 

(General Availability March 2023)

View datatype when selecting a dynamic value! This will be useful and make it easier to choose the correct column when adding dynamics values in our Power Automate cloud flows. This is a great improvement for designing flows.










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