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Microsoft Releases '20-'21 on Salentica Engage
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We are so excited to partner with the best in the CRM business, because their releases help you too! The most recent release for Microsoft Dynamics 365 are currently rolling out, and below are some of the key enhancements we want to highlight as your Microsoft partner.

Improved Search, Lists, & Forms

The global dataverse search experience is intuitive, intelligent, and modern. Other enhancements include a prominent search bar, personalized zero query experience of recent searches and rows, automatic record suggestions based on the typed query, improvements to the search results page, and high-quality results allow users to search and act on their information easily and quickly. In addition, the presence of quick actions right next to search results help users complete their task without having to navigate to the row and zero context loss.

Feature details

Enhancements to search for model-driven apps include:

  • Prominent and easily discoverable search bar in the top on all pages in your app.
  • Personalized zero query experience that contains your recent searches and recently accessed rows.
  • Suggested results are displayed as you type and include quick actions command that helps you complete a task without having to navigate to the row.
  • Intelligent results for all English language environments in public cloud, which includes synonym understanding, semantic parsing, abbreviations support, and common world knowledge support.
  • Redesigned results page that is easy to read with improved ranking and grouping.

Your administrator must turn on the new relevance search experience for your organization. When relevance search is turned on, you'll see a search box in the header that resembles the search experience you're familiar with. After it's enabled, it will be available across your organization. Take a look at this article for more on relevance search.

See recent rows and searches

See your recent searches and recently accessed rows when you select the search box. Before you start typing in the search box, you'll see information pop-up that helps you complete your search.

Up to three recent search terms appear at the top, based on the last three search queries that you viewed the results for. These recent search terms are personalized and based on your device and browser.

The recent search terms are followed by up to seven of the rows you recently accessed. If you frequently access a small number of rows, you can quickly get to them from here. Recently accessed rows are independent of tables that have been indexed for relevance search, because no search has been performed yet. The rows are also grouped by table type, which lets you quickly scan the list.


More information about the enhanced search page can be found here: Microsoft's Search Results Page

Simplified Duplicate Detection & Merge Capabilities 

Data quality not only affects business performance but has a direct effect on a user's experience and productivity, due to effort wasted on searching and reconciling data. Duplicate detection and merge capabilities play a significant role in keeping data clean. To enable organizations to maintain data hygiene, Microsoft has optimized the duplicate detection and merge user experiences, which would help users to make an informed decision and avoid duplicate data entry.

Feature details

  • Enable users to view more information contextually to help determine why a record is being flagged as a duplicate when they're adding or updating a record.
  • Enable users to merge the record being added or updated (account, contact, or lead) from the Duplicate warning prompt without navigating away, by using the enhanced Merge dialog box. The enhanced experience replaces the legacy web client hybrid dialog box with a fully enabled Unified Interface experience.
  • Enable sellers to easily view and identify matched account and contact records when qualifying a lead, with an improved cross-entity duplicate detection dialog box.
  • Enable the improved duplicate detection and merge experiences with a configurable Administration flag.

Duplicate detection dialog

Merge dialog

Lead qualification duplicate detection dialog

Enhanced Mobile Experience

Advisors traveling from one customer to the next often don't have time to update their CRM. At the same time, keeping everyone on the team aligned is key to achieving successful outcomes, not to mention that current and consistent sales data powers meaningful insights that help the organization sell more efficiently. With the new mobile app, updating Engage is quick and easy. The mobile app is optimized for the most common on-the-go tasks. This means information in Engage is always current and Advisors can get things done in the moment, so nothing falls between the cracks.

Feature details

  • Start your day with easy access to important info: screen upcoming customer meetings, review related records, and make relevant updates in seconds.
  • Add notes with the touch of a button as you walk out of meetings.
  • Quickly update accounts and opportunities, and access account or opportunity details in seconds, wherever you are.
  • Easily act on your customer info. Find information about your contacts and opportunities effortlessly when you're on the go, and take action.

Enhanced Personal Settings

Note: Salentica recommends you Email through your email provider, but in case you use your Salentica Engage for your emails, Microsoft has included some enhancements that could make email templates and signatures easier on the platform.

Give users the option and flexibility to create email templates and email signatures using the new editor. Move personal settings to a dedicated area to get more traction by sellers and to host both Sales and Sales Insights personal settings.

Feature details

  • Access to modern email template and signature editor.
  • Move personal settings to a dedicated area.
  • Reorganize personal settings items.

Enhanced productivity with new record side panel forms

There are times when a full opportunity form is not needed. Sellers want to quickly view the most relevant information and catch up on the latest activities. To do so, we are introducing a record side panel form. A record side panel form is a streamlined representation of a form delivered through a side panel as part of the pipeline management workspace. The record side panel form provides quick and easy access to the opportunity record that can be updated without navigating away or losing context.

Feature details

  • New record side panel form layout loaded through side panel.
  • Quick edit capabilities.
  • Access to key activities and action (notes and task).
  • Drill in to contact or account within record side panel.

Quickly filter data within workspaces through data slicers

Locating the right opportunities is hard. Currently, users need to create new views every time they want to find a specific set of opportunities. The data filtering capabilities in the deal manager workspace will allow users to easily locate opportunities by either searching, quickly setting a column filter, or choosing a time-based slicer.

Feature details

  • Data slicers based on grid column.
  • Time slicers to filter data based on different time parameters.
  • Quickly find a record with a search filter.

Note: These feature is available in Engage (Unified Interface) only.

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