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Microsoft Release Wave 1 ('22) on Salentica Engage
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We are so excited to partner with the best in the CRM business because their releases help you too! The most recent release for Microsoft Dynamics 365 is currently rolling out, and below are some of the key enhancements we want to highlight as your Microsoft partner.


  • Enhanced capture of images on Mobile
  • New Advanced Find
  • Relationship Intelligence
  • In-app notifications
  • Appointment description field supports rich-text
  • New activity dropdown showing relevant activities only
  • Create and join Teams meetings from in-app appointments

​​Enhanced capture of images on Mobile

(Public preview from August / Generally Available from September)

This will provide an improved experience to capture business cards and scan handwritten notes using a phone camera to extract digitized text into Engage.

New Advanced Find

It looks like Microsoft is finally getting rid of the legacy advanced find in Engage and replacing it with a more user friendly query tool. The new modern advanced find is accessible from the Dataverse search bar on top of model-driven apps.


This modern advanced find experience will allow us to create queries and views just like we were able to do in the legacy advanced find. On top of that, you can search view selectors for views. Does this mean the legacy advanced find goes away? Yes it does!

Relationship Intelligence

(Public Preview available April 2022)

This feature expands the ‘Who knows whom’ functionality tremendously. As you can see in the screenshot below, the WNW section is now moved to a separate tab, where users can see a lot of information regarding the relationship.

This is not just Engage data, but also leverages data from exchange. Users will be able to see interaction scores that shows how their organization is connected to another organization or contact and how strong those relationships are. We’ll also be able to see recent interactions and connected coworkers on this page.

In-app notifications

(Generally available April 2022)

Previously, the only push notification available were built through Power Automate and pushed to mobile devices. Now, you can create push notifications within Engage, alerting your users to updates within their CRM. Before you can start using notifications, you’ll have to enable this feature. Keep in mind this is a preview feature so we recommend doing this in a sandbox instance to start.

Appointment description field supports rich text

(Public Preview available April 2022)

We already have a few tables that have the rich text editor control enabled, like the body of emails and notes, but now the description field of appointments in Engage will also take advantage of this feature. This rich text editor control will be supported for all model-driven apps and will be the default editor for appointments and emails.

New activity dropdown showing relevant activities only

(Public Preview available April 2022)

There will be a new activity chooser, which will only show activities that are related to the app that you’re in. When you read the Microsoft docs feature details it shows that ‘Activities that are not included in the app metadata are now hidden from the ‘New Activity’ command.

This means that if the individual activities aren’t added to the app, then they will not be visible in the new activity chooser drop down. Keep in mind this is also functionality that you can enable or disable in the environment settings in the Power Platform Admin Center. If you set this feature to ‘off’ then all activities will continue to show up in the activity chooser.

Create and join Microsoft Teams meetings from in-app appointments

(Public Preview available April 2022)

 With this feature, users will be able to create an appointment in Dynamics 365 and add a Microsoft Teams meeting to the appointment.

This will save users a lot of time, as they are no longer forced to create Microsoft Teams meetings outside of Dynamics 365. Besides the ability to add Microsoft Team’s meetings to appointments, users will also have the ability to join a Team meeting from a Dynamics 365 appointment or the timeline directly! Keep in mind this is something that you can turn on or off in the environment settings in Power Platform Admin center and will require configuration within Microsoft Teams.

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