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Create a New Solution
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Before you make any customizations in Engage, you need to create a solution for those changes. Solutions allow you to publish changes to your environment without affecting the managed solution. Any change made to the managed solution will not persist with future upgrades. 


Some firms create a new solution for each change they make to their environment, while others create one solution for all changes. Most firms group similar changes together in one solution. For example, if you wanted to create new columns and rearrange the form for the Contact table, you could create one solution for all of those changes. 

Best Practice: We recommend grouping together similar changes in one solution. This allows you to easily reference any related changes that you've made and make troubleshooting easier. 

Create a New Solution 

  1. Select the App Launcher
  2. From your Apps List, select Power Apps
  3. Select the Solutions tab from the Site Map. 
  4. Select +New Solution. The New Solution quick create window will populate on the right side of the screen.
  5. Fill out the required fields.
    • Display Name: This will appear in the Display Name column on your Solutions list.
    • Name: This field will auto-populate based on the Display Name.
    • Publisher: Select the default publisher for your environment. If our Support Team makes any changes for you, they will select the Salentica Engage Changes publisher. This will help with troubleshooting in order to see who last made changes to your environment. 
    • Version: This will automatically populate for you. 
  6. Click Create. Your solution is now available on the Solutions list. 

Solution Components 

Once you've created a solution for the changes you plan to make in your environment, you need to bring in existing components to customize or create new solution components. 


  • The different fields or data points in your environment.

  • You can edit existing columns or create new columns to capture important pieces of data for your organization in a solution.

  • Learn more about creating new columns here.


  • The different page layouts in your environment.
  • You can add new columns and components to a form. 
  • You can rearrange existing columns and components on a form. 
  • Learn more about customizing forms here.

System Views

  • These views are visible to everyone in your organization.

  • You can make changes to existing system views and create new system views in a solution. 

  • Learn more about customizing System Views here

System Dashboards 

  • These dashboards are visible to everyone in your organization. 

  • You can make changes to existing system dashboards and create new system dashboards in a solution. 

  • Learn more about customizing System Dashboards here

Business Rules

  • Create business rules to apply logic to common business scenarios. 

  • Learn more about Business Rules here


  • Create flows to initiate automated workflows when an event occurs in Engage. 
  • Learn more about Flows here
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