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Adding Tables & Fields to Dataverse Search
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When you’re searching inside of Salentica Engage, you might wonder what the system is actually searching. When you search for information, Engage brings back results within different tables. Now out-of-the-box, Engage CRM doesn’t search all entities or tables. However, you can modify the search capability by adding a table to the Dataverse search.


Add Tables to Dataverse Search


1. Go to

2. Select the appropriate environment at the top right. 

3. Click on Solutions.

4. Select Salentica Engage. 

5. Click the Overview icon. On the right, you will see Dataverse search and the percentage of columns indexed for the search. 

6. Click Manage search index

7. You will now have the option to check/uncheck the checkbox next to the table name to add/remove from the Dataverse search. Click Save. 


Note: There is no limit to the number of tables you can index for Dataverse Search, but there is a limit to the total number of fields that can be enabled. The maximum number of searchable fields is 1000 with 50 fields required by Dataverse. 


Add a field to Dataverse search

Now that we’ve added a table to the Dataverse search, the next step is to specify the fields in the table that will be included in Dataverse search.

1.) Go to Settings > Customizations > Customize the System.

2.) Go to Entities, select the entity you added, and then click View.

3.) Select the Quick Find View.

The columns shown here are actually the fields that Dataverse search looks at inside of that table. So let’s add some additional fields here:

4.) Click Add Find Columns.

5.) Mark the check box next to any fields you want to search by.

6.) Click Save and Close, and then Publish All Customizations.

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