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Administrator Customization of Activities Plus
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Now that you have explored Activities Plus within your entities, as a system administrator, you can edit the defaults your team sees, as well as make adjustments to the columns by defining what columns are displayed in Activities Plus and in which order.  To configure these settings, you'll go to Settings > Activities Plus Columns


On the settings for Activities Plus Columns, there is a list of Active Activity Plus Columns, that are currently part of Activities Plus. From here, you can add new columns, edit existing columns (including the order, filter and sort), or delete columns. 


Each of the column items has several items that can be customized to tailor their appearance as it appears on the screen.


  1. Column Heading: Name the Activities Plus Column
  2. Column Width: Set the default width of the column in pixels
  3. Column Type: Choose the type of column to be displayed. There are two attribution types:
    • Common Attribute -  select an attribute that is common to all Activities
    • Entity Specific Attributes - select an Activities Plus items that are used on a subset of Activities
  4. Display Order: Enter an ordinal to set the order of this column compared to others within Activities Plus. Columns are displayed in ascending order by default.
  5. Common Attribute or Entity Specific Attribute: Choose either the common or entity specific attributes from the dropdown list.
  6. Sort Column: This checkbox allows users to sort their Activities Plus list by this particular column.
  7. Sort Direction: If the column is sortable, choose to default the sort direction as Ascending or Descending.
  8. Save: Save the changes you make to your New Activities Plus Column.

With the new column created, you should now be able to see it in Activities Plus.  Any further revisions can be done by editing Activities Plus.

More information on Entity Specific Attributes

If you choose the Column Type of Entity Specific Attributes, you will have additional work to do to complete the setup of your Activity Plus column. First, you must pick your Attribute Type. To do this, you will select a data type out of the list of available data types (like Date and Time, Look up, Option Set, etc.). Next you need to choose the Activity Plus Entity for the Activities Plus Column by clicking on the + symbol on the right side of the table.

  • Shows in Column – This will default to the column you’ve defined.
  • Activity Entity – This list will present the activity type the user wants to have displayed.
  • Activity Field – This is a drop-down list that shows available Activities for the attribute type.  This field can be left blank.
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Salentica can be customized by your System Administrator, so your views & access may differ from this documentation. Please contact your System Administrator with specific questions.

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