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Engage Basics
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Engage is a powerful and customizable tool! Easy and intuitive to navigate.  With just a few clicks or relevant search terms, you'll find the information you're looking for in your CRM.  Two tools allow you the ease of access you're looking for: the Site Map and Global Search.  You can also use Personalization Settings to change the default display settings to personalize Engage.

Site Map

In Engage, the Site Map is docked on the left side of your CRM. Here, simply select the Entity (Relationships, Contacts, etc.) you're looking for to be presented with a View of those records. This is most useful if you're looking for a list of all records, or a filtered list for an Entity.



In addition, the Site Map can be tucked away if screen space is at a premium.  Simply select the menu icon  at the top of the map to collapse and/or expand the Site Map. Hovering over icons in the collapsed view displays the Entity represented by the icon.


A few other key functions of the Site Map:

  • Home - The top selection on the Site Map.  This will return you to your default Home page that you have selected through your Personalization Settings. By default, this will be your default Dashboard unless your landing page has been changed.
  • Recent - A list of the 10 most recently referenced pages in Engage.  This includes individual records, Views, and/or Dashboards.
  • Pinned - Your pinned list is derived from your Recent items.  If you select the push pin icon in the Recent list, that page is filed into the Pinned list for quick reference.  It remains there until you unpin from the list. This is similar to a Bookmark.


Watch a short video for an Introduction to the Site Map.

Dataverse Search

Note: Dataverse Search is a newer feature of Salentica Engage, and you must be on the Unified Interface to have access to Dataverse Search.

At the top-center of your CRM, you should see either a search bar, or a magnifying glass icon that takes you to a search page.  The search functionality is a CRM-wide search to help you find the individual records you need.  When you begin typing a search keyword, relevant search results will populate underneath the search bar (typically recent records, relationship, and contact results).  By selecting Show more results for... or hitting the Enter key, you'll see all search results, broken down by Entity or record type.  Within the Search results, you can filter and sort by record type and/or Entity, and quickly navigate to the record you need by selecting the name of the record.


Watch this short video on how to use Modern Advanced Find in Engage within the Dataverse Search. 


Personalization Settings

To make Engage more useful to you, set your Personal Options to update the default displays you see and create email templates based on different entities. Default your settings like your home page and settings for Getting Started panes, the number of records shown per page in any list of records, your time zone for meetings, events, and due dates, etc.

To see what else is available in Personal Options, take a look at this article.

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Salentica can be customized by your System Administrator, so your views & access may differ from this documentation. Please contact your System Administrator with specific questions.

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