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Personalization Settings
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To make Engage more useful to you, set your Personal Options to update the default displays you see and create email templates based on different entities. Default your settings like your home page and settings for Getting Started panes, the number of records shown per page in any list of records, your time zone for meetings, events, and due dates, etc.


Watch this short video on Personalization Settings.

Update your home page and default tab (click to enlarge)


  • Select your home page and settings for Get Started panes
  • Set the number of records shown per page in any list of records
  • Select the default mode in Advanced Find
  • Set the time zone you are in
  • Select a default currency
  • Support high contract settings
  • Set the default country/region code
  • View your user information


  • Synchronize Microsoft Dynamics 365 items with Outlook or Exchange
  • Manage your offline filters and take your information offline in Dynamics 365 for Outlook


  • Default View
  • Set your default work hours


  • Personal Standards and Formats - Select how Microsoft Dynamics 365 displays number, currency, time, and date formats. Select a format or click Customize to specify custom formats.

Email Templates:

  • Create an modify email templates

Email Signatures:

  • Create and modify personal email signatures


  • Selected whether other users can send email for you
  • Select the email messages to track in Microsoft Dynamics 365
    • Configure Folder Tracking Rules
  • Automatically create records in Microsoft Dynamics 365
  • Set record form options


  • Select the language you prefer to see Microsoft Dynamics 365 displayed in
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