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Activities Plus
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Activities Plus gives you the option to add an object to a given entity. This object displays the Activities associated with the entity, and provides the ability for you to add new Activities from within that screen. That means, if you add Activities Plus to the Relationship Form, you can add new Activities, like Tasks, Phone Calls, Client Review Meetings, etc. to the Relationship without having to navigate away from the Relationship you're working on.


Activities Plus Features

Activities Plus allows the user to see all Activities for an entity from one screen, rather than flipping back and forth between several screens. This permits the user to see both current and past activities in one place. The administrative setup defines which information is the most relevant for the activities.

  1. The Add New button allows you to add a new activity for the current contact/household of any type.
  2. The message above the table details the current view being displayed.
  3. The buttons in the top right are for adjusting the filter contents and refreshing the activities list.
  4. The rows displayed in the table are all activities for the current contact/household that meet the filter requirements.
  5. The controls at the bottom are for navigating the activities list, should the list span multiple pages of information. 

Users also have the ability to view the expanded description related to each activity by clicking on the activity displaying within Activities Plus. This allows the user to see differences between similar activities. Click the red X to close the detail window.

Customizing and Filtering your Activities Plus

To change the contents of Activities Plus, the filter icon in the top right can allow the user to tailor the information displayed.

  1. The list shows all activity types that have been set up for the organization. Checking or unchecking the boxes will determine which Activities are displayed or not displayed in Activities Plus. You also have the option to Select All Activity Types. The default settings can be set up or altered by your system administrator.
  2. The user can configure the view using the pre-defined list of date ranges or enter a custom date range using the From and To controls. The default date range can be set up or altered by your system administrator.
  3. You can filter by the user who created the activity, the user who last modified the activity or the Owner of the record. The default User Filter can be setup or altered by your system administrator. 
  4. You can select the Date Field you would like to search for include the Date the activity was created, the date the activity was modified, Scheduled Start, Scheduled End, Actual Start and Actual End. The default Date Field can be setup or altered by your system administrator.
  5. If you want to view Activities that contain keywords, the desired word or phrase can be entered in "Subject or Description Contains" to narrow the list down.
  6. The Include Related checkbox allows you to display Activities only tied directly to the selected entity, or whether all child entities will also be included in the table. Whether this is enabled or disabled by default is configured by the system administrator.
  7. The Include Open/Scheduled Activities and Include Completed/Cancelled Activities checkboxes mid-screen allow the user to tailor what activity statues are to be displayed in the list, between Open, Scheduled, Completed, or Cancelled.
  8. Reset to Defaults sets the filter conditions back to the default.
  9. Apply Filter applies the new changes to the Activities in Activities Plus.

For additional details about editing Activities Plus, including updating, adding or deleting columns, editing defaults columns and sorts, and attributes, visit the Admin article regarding Activities Plus.

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