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Creating Personal Views in Engage
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Understanding Views

Within Engage, Views are a list of records for a specific entity (Relationships, Accounts, Portfolios, etc.). You can create customizable views that allow you to sort, group, and view data of all different types.

A View defines:

  • Columns displayed
  • Column width
  • Default records sort
  • Default filters for the View

On each entity, there is a drop-down list of views separated into two categories: System views and Personal views. System views are visible to the entire firm and came standard with Engage or were created by your System Administrators. Personal views are created and owned by individuals. They are visible only to the owner until they choose to share their personal views with other users. To learn more about System and Personal views, click here.


Creating a Personal View 

The easiest way to create a Personal view is to start with an existing view and make changes in order to pull back the records that you want to see. 

Editing the Columns in Your View.

Editing the Filters in your View.

  1. Select a View from your dropdown list. 
  2. Add, remove, or rearrange the columns on a view using the Column Options icon. Columns represent the data that will be displayed in your personalized view. 
  3. Add or remove filters on a view using the Advanced Filters icon. Filters determine what records will be displayed in your personalized view.
  4. Save your personal view: If you want to save and easily return to this new view, select the dropdown arrow next to the list name and select Save as New View, then rename the view and select Save. Now, whenever you navigate back to the Views for this entity, you’ll see the new view in the list of My Views.

Personal Views will show in the dropdown list with a person icon next to them, while system views do not. 

Here is a video that will walk you through creating personal views in Engage.



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Salentica can be customized by your System Administrator, so your views & access may differ from this documentation. Please contact your System Administrator with specific questions.

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