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Advanced Filters on Views
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While using Salentica Engage, System Views and Personal Views are a great way to sort and filter information on an Entity, like Relationships, Accounts, or Contacts. To get started with System and Personal Views, check out this article.  

Using Advanced Filters within a view, you can quickly add more filters to see specific records. To do this, simply select the funnel icon ion the top right of the window, just to the left of the ‘Search this view’ box. From here, you can customize any view using a sleek user interface, updating filters, groupings, or related entities.


Here you will see, and start with, the filters that already exist on the Personal or System View. From there, you can change the existing filters, or add new ones. Choose +Add to create new filters on the view, or you can:

  • Add Row: Adds another row for another standalone filter 

  • Add Group: Adds a group of new filters.  The grouping functionality allows you to change the Boolean term between ‘And’ and ‘Or’ (1 AND 2 versus 1 OR 2). You may also choose to ungroup these filters by selecting the ellipse in the top-right of the grouping and choosing ‘Ungroup’ 

  • Add Related Entity: Allows you to add data points and filters for any other entity that is related to the primary entity in the View (i.e., Relationships to Contacts) 



A few other items to note:  

  • If you’d like to delete a filter row, group or related entity, select the ellipse and hit ‘Delete’.   

  • If you decide to group two standalone filters, select the checkbox to the left, click on the ellipse, and choose ‘Make Group’ 


Once you’ve finished with the filters, hit ‘Apply’ in the bottom right.  Your Advanced Filters are now applied! You can tell that you have adjusted the System or Personal View filters because there is now an asterisk next to the view’s name. 

Next Steps:

  • Revert your changes: If the results weren’t what you intended, you’ll now see a new icon to the left of the Advanced Filters icon.  It appears to be the Advanced Filters icon with a small ‘x’.  Selecting this clears any filters you’ve chosen. 

  • Save this view: If you want to save and easily return to this newly filtered view, select the vertical ellipse just under the gear icon in the top-right of the Engage window, and select ‘Create View,’ then ‘Save filters as new view.’ Now, whenever you navigate back to the Views for this entity, you’ll see the newly filtered view in the list of ‘My Views.’ 

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Salentica can be customized by your System Administrator, so your views & access may differ from this documentation. Please contact your System Administrator with specific questions.

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