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Appointments & Meeting Tracking from Outlook to Engage
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Many of our clients use Microsoft products in conjunction with Engage. Here are some suggestions for using the Microsoft Outlook Calendar to enhance your CRM.

Salentica recommends that you create your events, appointments, and meetings in Outlook. Since you have most likely already been using Outlook, there is no reason to change your current workflows dramatically. This will allow you to create, view, and accept meetings with other people, and by simply linking the exchange (email, meeting, appointment, etc.) to a record in Engage so that you can reference it when you view the Relationship or Contact.

The Difference Between Appointments & Meeting Requests in Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook supports three forms of scheduled activities on your calendar: appointments, events and meetings. Networked Outlook installations enable others to schedule these activities for and with you. 

  • Appointments: An appointment is a scheduled block of time that only involves you. The hours are blocked out on your schedule, but it does not include other attendees or resources. Your calendar will show the appointment framed between the start and end times. 
  • Events: Once an appointment goes over 24 hours in length, it becomes an event. By default (unless you have updated this) the event entry does not block out the hours on your calendar and your time continues to show as free. The calendar marks the event by placing a banner at the top of the date on which it occurs.
  • Meetings: A meeting is an activity that involves you and others during the same blocked time period. Outlook allows you to set meetings that affect the calendars of other people. A meeting may also schedule resources, such as meeting rooms.

Create or schedule an appointment

Schedule a meeting with other people

Change an appointment, meeting, or event

Other People's Calendars in Outlook

Depending on your firm's structure, you might need to access other Calendars in Microsoft Outlook to view, schedule, or change a meeting or appointment. Here are some helpful Microsoft articles to help you with this:

Share your Outlook Calendar

View Other's Calendars (Create a Group Calendar)

Schedule a Meeting on a Group Calendar

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