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Approve Email and Add Dynamics 365 App for Outlook
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The Dynamics 365 App for Outlook helps you link your emails in Outlook to your records in Engage. But first, the user's email must first be approved by the appropriate account, and the CRM Outlook app should be deployed. Follow the instructions below to enable the user to utilize the Outlook app with their email. 


Approve User's Email, and Enable and Test Mailbox


1. Login to Engage as a Global Administrator, or an Exchange Admin, or a user with the Delegated Mailbox Approver Security Role in Dynamics 365. 

2. Click the gear icon and click Advanced Settings.

3.  Click the dropdown arrow next to Settings. Select Email Configuration under System.

4. Select Mailboxes


5. Select the user you want to approve the email for and Select APPROVE EMAIL.

6. Select the user again and select TEST & ENABLE MAILBOX, and select OK

7. Refresh the screen; you should see the status change to Success.


Add Dynamics 365 App for Outlook

1. Click the gear icon and click Advanced Settings.

2.  Click the dropdown arrow next to Settings. Select Dynamics 365 App for Outlook under System.

3. Select the user and select ADD APP TO OUTLOOK. The user status will change to Added to Outlook

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