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Email - General Email Settings
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Navigate to Email Settings

Go to Settings > Advanced Settings > Settings > Administration > System Settings > Email


Microsoft Articles Detailing Email Configuration Settings

System Settings Email tab

Integrate your email system

Create forward mailboxes or edit mailboxes


Frequently Asked Questions about Email

We recommend all emails should be sent through your email provider (Outlook, GMail, etc.) and tracked using the email App, rather than directly as an Activity within Engage.

The information below is based on sending emails through Engage. 

Set file size limits for attachments: Maximum file size (in Kilobytes) - Increase or decrease the maximum file size for attached files. The default size is 5 MB (5,120 KB). The maximum recommended size is 32 MB (32,768 KB). Using a larger file size is not recommended. These file sizes include the attachments and the entire email. This can also be the issue if you see the attachments in Outlook, but not in Engage.

Adding an External URL: Sometime, you might want to link out to a website when you write an email to a Contact. The easiest way to do this is to use CTRL + K to bring up the Link dialog box. This will allow you to add URLs, Email Addresses or Phone numbers to your emails. 

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