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Option Sets
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An Option Set is a type of field that can be included in an entity, sometimes referred to as a picklist. It defines a set of options that can be included within the field. When an option set is displayed in a form, it uses a drop-down list control. When displayed in Advanced Find it uses a picklist control


There are two different types of Option Sets, Global Option Set or Local Option Set. If you want the Option Set to be available for additional fields, you can choose for it to be a Global Option Set. If you only need this particular picklist for this field, you should create a Local Option Set. So, for example, Yes/No could be a Global Option Set so that you can use it in multiple fields, but Account Type might be a good Local Option Set since you will only need it on the Account entity.


Global option sets are useful when you have a standard set of categories that can apply to more than one field. Maintaining two separate option sets with the same values is difficult and if they are not synchronized you can see errors, especially if you are mapping entity fields in a one-to-many entity relationship. 


Best Practice: If you define every option set as a global option set your list of global option sets will grow and could be difficult to manage. If you know that the set of options will only be used in one place, use a local option set.


You should use the PowerApps portal to work with global option sets unless you need to address any of the following requirements:

  • Assign colors to options
  • Change the order of options
  • Create a global option set in a solution other than the Common Data Service Default solution
  • Set managed properties
  • Set properties used for virtual entities
  • View dependencies


Here is a quick video to show you how to add an Option Set to an Entity



  1. Go to PowerApps portal
  2. Log in as needed
  3. Select the environment (top right)
  4. Click Solutions on the left
  5. Choose the Solution to edit and click Edit
  6. Choose the Entity you'd like to add the Option Set to
  7. Click Edit
  8. Click +Add Field
  9. Complete *Required Fields
  10. Choose Data type: Option Set
  11. Complete *Required Fields
  12. Choose Option Set > New Option Set
  13. Click View More to choose Global Option Set or Local Option Set
  14. Click Done


Additional types of Option Sets include:

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