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Multi-Select Option Set Limitations
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Recently, Microsoft Dynamics has included the addition of the multi-select picklist field type. Instead of having to build an N:N relationship among entities or use custom javascript on the form, there is now a native field for this.

With the flexibility of the multi-select picklist field type, it does not function exactly like the other field types, which leads to some limitations. 

What you CAN do with the multi-select picklist field type:

  • Add it to all views (system and personal)
  • Use it as a filter in all views
  • Map it from one entity to another (like other fields, it must be the same field type in both entities)
  • Import values to it if you are updating existing records. For example, if you have existing records and add a new multi-select picklist field, you can export that view, add values to the new column (semicolon separated) and then import it back into Dynamics 365 CRM to update your records.
  • Use it as a trigger in workflows so if it changes, it can fire a workflow. There are some limitations with workflows as noted below.

What you CANNOT do with the multi-select picklist field type:

  • Add it to a business process flow
  • Use it in a business rule (either as a condition or as an update)
  • Use it in a workflow in conditional logic or to update the field
  • Import values to it for new records (as noted above, you can only import if it is an update to an existing record)


If you want to do some of the items on the “cannot” list now, you can consider using custom code to meet your needs. Here is some more info from Microsoft about this field’s attributes.

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