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Active User List
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On occasion, it might be helpful to see a list of your current users on Engage and what Roles have been assigned to them. Within Security Settings, there is a pre-configured report that will create a list of the user contact and security role information.


First, we will navigate to Users in the Security Settings Menu by going to Settings > Advanced Settings > Security > Users.


Next, we will run the report with the needed information: Run Report > User Summary

Things to note:

  1. You can run this report on all users or just the records on the current page.
  2. This can be run on any list view you have set up.
  3. The report will produce in another window. If you have pop-blockers on, this may affect your ability to view the report.
  4. The report can be exported to many formats including Excel, Word, Powerpoint, PDF, etc.
  5. You can add filters to the report within the new window as needed.
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