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Disable/ Enable Auto Save Feature
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Microsoft recently enabled the Auto Save feature for forms by default in model-driven apps. This can be a useful, time-saving feature while working in Engage. However, it can save updates before you are ready to make changes. This can result in Power Automate Flows triggering prematurely or not at all, as well as affecting field mapping, some Business Rules, and possibly notifications that trigger based on the creation or modification of a field. If you are experiencing these issues, it is possibly related to the Auto Save feature. You may want to turn the Auto Save feature off. This is a first step in troubleshooting the issues you may be seeing. 

Note: Turning the Auto Save feature off will turn it off firm-wide, for all users, on all forms. Users must then click the Save button to save any changes. Normal navigation away from the record will still prompt users to save or dischard changes before exiting. Only If you close a tab or window while working, and do not click Save prior,  will the updates not be saved, without a prompt from the system. 


Enable/Disable the Auto Save Feature

1. Log into Power Platform Admin Center at

2.  Select Environments.

3. Select the environment you want to change and click the (...) for All Environment Actions. Select Settings. 

4. Select Behavior under Product.

5. Toggle the Auto Save button under Basic behavior. Click Save

6. Here is the setting toggled to off.





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