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Add an Entity to the Site Map
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In Engage, the Site Map helps to easily locate the entities and features that are the most important and used on a daily basis. The Site Map makes all of these entities readily available at first glance for users across the organization. The Site Map is also customizable depending on your firm's needs. Below are instructions for adding a new entity to your firm's Site Map. In this example, we will add the Gifts Entity to the Marketing section of the Site Map.


1. Be sure you have the System Administrator security role or equivalent permissions. 

2. Sign in to the Power Apps Center at

3. Select Environment you want to update on the top right.

 4. Click Solutions on the left menu.

3. Select +New solution to create a new solution.


4. Enter the required fields for Display Name, Publisher, Name, and Version. For Version, we recommend entering the date the solution was created. A Description is also recommended. Click Create.

5. Click the More Commands option next to the new solution and click Edit.

6. Select Add existing and App, then Model-driven app.


6. Select the app you need to edit. Click Add

7. Double-click the app name to open the App Designer. Select the Navigation icon and then expand the Marketing section.

8. Click + Add and click Subarea.

9. Configure the subarea with the Content Type and Table. Click Add.

10. Be sure to click Publish


11. Now you will see the new entity on the Site Map.



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