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Change Contact & User Name Format
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In Engage, the default name convention for any full names, including Contacts and Users, is set to show First Name Last Name. You will see the Full Name displayed on the Site Map, Contact Lists, Contact Form, Lookups, Subgrids, Charts, and Reports.

However, this is a System Setting that can be changed to one of the following options:

  • Last Name, First Name

  • Last Name, First Name Middle Initial

  • First Name Middle Initial Last Name

  • Last Name, First Name Middle Name

  • First Name Middle Name Last Name

  • Last Name First Name

  • Last NameFirst Name


Note: Changing the System Setting for Full-Name Format will change the setting for the Organization as a whole. Also, the setting is not retroactive. 


Change the Full Name format Setting


1. From the Gear icon, select Advanced Settings.

2. Click the dropdown arrow next to Settings. Click Administration under System. 

3. Select System Settings

4. Click in the dropdown for Set the full-name format and select the preferred format. Click Ok.

5. You will receive the following prompt:

The prompt advises you that the change will only apply to future entries. The change is not retroactive and will not change any existing records. You may want to edit existing Contact and other records to bring the Full Name format for each into alignment.

6. To finalize the changes click OK. From this point forward, the Full Name for new records, and for existing records when the Full Name is updated, will be formatted using the Name Format selected in System Settings.



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