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Modern Advanced Find
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There are two quick and easy ways to find and act on data in Engage, both using Modern Advanced Find. You can search directly for specific records or you can explore a table for record sets that meet specific criteria. Modern Advanced Find replaces the legacy Advanced Find option and adds new enhancements to view personalization to help you be more productive. 


Dataverse Search

Search is now prominent in the middle of the header of the page. You will find it on any page within Engage. View search results as you type, to minimize keystrokes and simplify navigation. Select your desired result or click Enter for a full page of search results.


Quick Actions

Some of the commonly used tables are configured to show a set of most used commands to help you complete your tasks without losing the context of your search.  In this example, a search for "open phone calls" allows you to Mark Complete, Cancel, or select More Commands for a phone call, directly from the results list.


Advanced Filters

You can filter on any table in Engage. Using the global search bar in the center of the screen, you can now select any table to perform a structured search. In the search bar pop-up, select Search for rows in a table using advanced filters. Once you choose a table, you will navigate to the familiar grid page with filter options immediately available. 


You can also select the option to Add a related entity to your filters. This allows you to search across multiple entities at once.  In this example, we are using filters to search the Relationships and Contacts tables for relationships with contacts over 72 years of age. Filters use the operators And and Or. 


Save a Personal View

Once you have edited the filters and have included the desired columns in your view, you can find the options to create a personal view within the view selector, along with other options to manage your views and view list. 


Check out more details and a short video on creating and managing Personal Views here.





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