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Deactivation Relationship Setup Steps
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Have you ever deactivated a Relationship, and then had to go, one by one, and deactivate all the connected records, like Contacts, Financial Accounts, Portfolios, etc.? We have now made it easier for you, so when you deactivate a Relationship, the connected records are also deactivated.

As a System Administrator, you can choose what associated records will also be deactivated. There is a Yes/No toggle for the following entities that you can control. Here is the list of entities that can be configured:

  • Activities (Phone Call, Meeting Note, Client Review Meeting and Task only)

  • Contacts

  • Financial Accounts

  • Portfolios

  • Legal Entities (deactivates associated Agents, Owners and Beneficiaries as well)

  • Financial Assets

  • Financial Liabilities

  • Financial Plans (deactivates associated Goals and Amendments as well)

  • Tax Filings

Note: this does not work in reverse, reactivating records. This means, if you do reactivate the Relationship, you will need to reactivate the related records.

Relationship Deactivation Setup Steps

To access the Relationship Deactivation Control Table, go to Engage Settings area and select the Relationship Deactivation Control Table entity.

The Relationship Deactivate Control Table entity should only have one active record within it. If there are multiple records, the Flow will pick the first one, and it may not always be the same record picked up. Please make sure you only have one active record within your Relationship Deactivate Control Table.

You will need to create your Relationship Deactivation record.

  1. Click +New
  2. Name your Relationship Deactivation Record
  3. Choose the entities you would like to have automatically deactivated when a Relationship is deactivated
  4. Click Save


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