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Default Date Setup
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Right now, when you create a new task, you must enter a date for the task. Many of our clients wanted the current date to populate, but it took development work to achieve this. Salentica's new enhancement allows you to apply a script to your Entities so that the date automatically populates for you!


Below are the instructions on how to apply the new script to your date fields so that it defaults today when you create a new record.

Applying Script to Date Fields

Here are the entities and fields we recommend you update:

Activity Entity and Fields

  • Task → Due Date (scheduledend)

  • Meeting Note → Date (actualend)

  • Phone Call → Date (actualend)

  • Client Review Meeting → Date (actualend)

At this time, you will need to use the classic version to update the entities to apply the events to the form.


1. Open the entity in a solution (Settings > Advanced Settings > Settings > Customizations > Customize the Settings)

2. Select the form to update (Entities > Tasks > Forms). If there are multiple forms, the following steps will need to be applied to each form.

3. Go to Form Properties

4. On the Events tab, select Add.

5. Search for ssi_jquery.js

6. Search for si_setdefaultdate

7. Select Add under Event Handlers

8. Set Function to setDefaultDate.

9. Select Pass execution context as first parameter. In the parameters section, include the field schema names that require the current date/time applied.

Parameters Format

If one field is going to be updated, the parameter should look like the following: [“scheduledend”]

If multiple fields are going to be updated, the parameter should look like the following: [“scheduledend”, “actualend”]

10. Click OK

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