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Create an Activity Entity
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Activities are used to keep track of all your customer interactions. For example, you can take notes, send email, track phone calls, set up appointments, assign yourself tasks, and stay up-to-date with customer news. These actions are all considered types of activities. There might be a time that you would like to create a new type of activity, that doesn't come standard to Engage. This is simple enough to do, creating the Entity, but remember, you might also have to add Flows if you want the Activity to kick off any workflows. 

Create a New Activity

It is simple to create a new Activity Entity. Simply navigate to Advanced Settings > Customizations > Customize the System

Once you're in Power Apps, go to Data > Entities > +New entity. Then fill out the required fields, and click into More Settings > Entity type and ownership > Choose entity type > Activity Entity > Create


Add an Existing Activity in Activities Plus

When you create the new Activity, you will need to decide if this type of activity should be included in your Activities Plus tile, or if it should affect your Last Contacted On fields. 

Navigate to Advanced Settings > Activity Settings > Choose the Activity to be updated > Toggle Available for selection in Activities Plus (Yes or No) > Save

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