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Add a New User to Engage
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Occasionally, when your firm is growing, you will need to create new users for your CRM. Below are the instructions on how to create the new user, and if you have any questions, please reach out to the service team. If you don't have any more licenses available, you can request a new license by creating a ticket via our support portal, if you are the System Administrator for your firm. Please be sure to choose the ticket category of Licenses, Billing & User Management. Then, follow the steps outlined below to set up a new user. 


Steps to Add and Set Up a New User:

  1. Add the Dynamics Sales license to the user’s account

  2. Add the user’s account to the Azure security group

  3. Add the user’s account to the Power Platform Admin Center

  4. Assign Business Unit and Security roles to the user’s account

  5. Approve the user’s email and enable and test the mailbox

  6. Add Dynamics 365 App for Outlook

Add the Dynamics Sales License to the User’s Account

Once Salentica has purchased the license, you will need to complete the steps below to complete your new user setup. All steps can be performed by your Local IT Administrator and/or your Engage Administrator.


1. Open the Microsoft 365 Admin Portal (, go to Users, Active users, and find the user by searching it in the search field on the right.

2. Click on the three dots beside the username and select Manage product licenses.

3. From Licenses and apps tab, select Dynamics 365 Sales Enterprise Edition license and hit Save changes at the bottom.



Add the User's Account to the Azure Security Group

1. Go to the Account tab, open Manage groups.

  1. Click on Assign membership.

  1. Search for the Salentica group.

One of the following groups will appear, either Salentica Engage - Users or Salentica CRM – Users depending on the environment setup:

4. Select that group and click Add at the bottom.


Note: You can add the user to the security group from the Azure AD portal ( )

  • Open Azure Active Directory portal

  • Go to Groups

  • Search for Salentica Engage - Users or Salentica RCM – Users group in the search field, and open the required group by selecting it.

  • Go to Members

  • Click on Add members

  • Find the user in the search field on the right, select the user, and hit Select at the bottom


Add the User's Account to the Power Platform Admin Center

Note: If the user’s account has a Dynamics license and is a member of the right Azure security group, the account should appear in the Engage environment's Enabled users group. If it does not appear after 2 hours, you can add the user manually by following these steps:

  1. From the Power Platform Admin Center window ( ), open Environments>PROD environment

  1. From the production environment admin center, click Settings.

  1. From settings go to Users + permissions, then Users.

  1. Click Add user.

  1. Search for the user and click Add.

Note: If the user doesn’t have a license or is not a member of the right Azure security group, you will get a failure message.

The user will be added successfully under two conditions: the user has the right license, and the user belongs to the right Azure security group.


Assign Business Unit and Security Roles to the User's Account

  1. From Power Platform Admin Center, select the environment where you want to add the user.

  2.  Go to Settings > Users + permissions, then click on Users

3. Search for the user you want to assign the Security Roles to, click on the ellipsis, then select Manage Security roles, and assign the needed security roles





When assigning Security Roles to users ensure the following Security Roles are assigned as these are the minimum roles that a user needs for Salentica Engage to work

  • Dynamics 365 App for Outlook User

  • Salentica Address Management User Role

  • Salentica CRM Plus Core User

  • Salentica Skyline User

  • Salentica Standard Role

  • Sales Enterprise app access - added automatically when Step 1 is completed (Step # 1 Add the Dynamics Sales Enterprise license to the user’s account)


If you use multiple Business Units, click the ellipsis described above and select Change Business Unit.

Note: Changing the Business Unit will require you to assign the Security Roles again.


To assign the user to a Team, click the User's name, then click Manage teams.


Approve the User's Email and Enable and Test the Mailbox

1. Login to Engage as a Global Administrator, or an Exchange Admin, or a user with the Delegated Mailbox Approver Security Role in Dynamics 365.

2. Click the gear icon and click Advanced Settings.

3. Click the dropdown arrow next to Settings. Under System, select Email Configuration.

4. Select Mailboxes.

5. Select the user you want to approve the email for and Select APPROVE EMAIL.

6. Approve Primary Email window will appear, click OK, then OK again.

7. Select the user again and select TEST & ENABLE MAILBOX, and select OK.

8. Refresh the screen; you should see the status change to Success.

Note: if you get a failure message, that means there is an error, and you must read the error to fix it.

Note: You can approve and test the user mailbox from the user record. Click on the user record to open it in a new window. Click on Approve Email, Test & Enable Mailbox.

You will see “The email configuration test is in progress.” Keep refreshing the window until you see a success message.


Add Dynamics 365 App for Outlook

1. Click the gear icon and click Advanced Settings.

2. Click the dropdown arrow next to Settings. Under System, select Dynamics 365 App for Outlook.

3. Select the user and select ADD APP TO OUTLOOK. The user status will change to Added to Outlook.


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Salentica can be customized by your System Administrator, so your views & access may differ from this documentation. Please contact your System Administrator with specific questions.

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