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Bulk Updates with Editable Grid
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Need a quick and easy way to make bulk edits to your data in Engage? Now you can enable the Editable Grid feature.  With editable grids, you can do in-line editing directly from grids or lists on forms for most types of columns including basic lookup columns and choices. This prevents you from needing to select an individual row and open a form for editing, one record at a time. Follow the steps below to edit from the grid or list you are viewing. If you do not have these options, see the instructions below to Enable Editable Grids. 


Using the Editable Grid

1. On the grid, click the More Commands option. 

2. Click Show As

3. Click Editable Grid.

4. Click into and make edits in fields as needed. Changes will save as they are entered.


Enable Editable Grids

1. Sign in to Power Apps at

2. Ensure you have the right Environment selected. 

3. Select Solutions and open the solution you want to edit. 

4. Select the More Commands option, then Switch to Classic. Solution explorer will open in a new window. 

5. In the Entities list (these represent the Dataverse tables), open the table you want to edit and select the Controls tab.

6. In the Editable Grid row, select the form factor(s) you want to apply the editable grid to. This makes the editable grid the default control for the selected form factor(s).

7. To add a lookup field to be editable, in the Editable Grid option group, select Add Lookup, and then in the Configure Property "Add Lookup" dialog box:

a. In the Available Views list, select the view to add the lookup to (for example, select My Active Accounts).

b. In the Available Columns list, select the lookup column to add (for example, select Primary Contact). Only lookup fields available on the view will appear as an option.

c. In the Default View list, select the data source for the lookup column. Select Ok.


8. Select Save on the action bar. 

9. When you're ready to make changes available, select Publish on the action bar. 

You can test the changes by logging into the environment and following the instructions to switch to the Editable Grid view. 


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