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Data Broker Release Notes for Engage January 2023
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The SS&C Salentica team is pleased to announce the latest release of Salentica Data Broker. The release includes the general release of new features including new Consolidated Buttons, creating relationships, and timeline posts to Black Diamond from Engage.

Check out the new features that are available in Salentica Data Broker! Our Product Team has worked hard to bring these great new tools and features into your CRM.

New Consolidated Buttons (General Availability)

Connecting to your integration partners from within your CRM is now easier than ever! View and connect to all of your third-party integrations quickly and easily in one space. New buttons will replace the individual SSO buttons and contextual hyperlinks consolidating them into a single resource for both interactive Real-Time Controls and Contextual Hyperlinks. The following buttons are available in the new Data Broker package once installed:


For more information, see the Integrations page for your Integration partner. 


Black Diamond

Laser App





Envestnet Tamarac


 Enter a ticket to our support team for the upgrade link and further instructions.

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