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Check Number of Billable Dynamics Licenses
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You may need to know how many billable Dynamics licenses you are currently using. Follow the instructions below to find out how many billable licenses you are using and have available. 


1. Log into

2. Click Azure Active Directory. 

3. Click Licenses.

4. Click All Products; from this view, you can see how many licenses you have and which ones are assigned and available to use.

Should you want to see details for this group, click Dynamics 365 Sales Enterprise to see the list of users.


If you need to add or remove licenses, don't hesitate to contact our service team by creating a ticket in our Service Portal.



Q. Why am I seeing an unlicensed user in CRM (Engage) Enable View?

A. An account that is Global Admin will show up in Engage listed without having a license. Learn more here. Enable View also displays application users and system users that were created when the system was provisioned. More information can be found here. 


Q. Why do I see a warning saying my license expired in Activities Plus?

A. This warning is generated from Salentica’s products when there is a mismatch between the number of users added to your Engage and the number of licenses assigned to our product. If you are experiencing this issue, please follow the steps from this article.


Q. How can I add or remove a license?

A. You can add or remove licenses by creating a ticket in our Service Portal. 


Q. How and when do I get billed for licenses?

A. The total of the Monthly Usage Fee will equal the greater of:

  • The applicable Monthly Subscriber Fee multiplied by the Monthly User Count, plus the number of incremental subscribers multiplied by the then-current Monthly Subscriber fee and pro-rated from the date of adding such incremental subscriber; or

  • The Total Minimum Monthly Usage fee (as per the contract)

Monthly Usage Fees will be billed monthly, in advance, immediately upon the commencement of the Initial Term or any Renewal Term in the agreement.


Q. I have a licensed user added to our Engage Production. Do I need to purchase another license to add them to the Engage Sandbox?

A. No, Dynamics 365 licenses are assigned to a unique user within the Azure tenant. A tenant can have multiple Salentica Engage instances, and you will only need one license to access all Salentica Engage environments.

Suppose you have an Azure Tenant with multiple Dynamics 365 Environments, which are Dynamics CRM (Engage) and non-Dynamics CRM (Engage). In that case, you will need to purchase a license for every user accessing Dynamics CRM (Engage) environments.


Q. Our company works with an IT company that manages our Office 365 tenant. Can I purchase Dynamics CRM licenses with them instead?

A. No, Dynamics CRM licenses need to be purchased by Salentica by submitting a ticket in our Service Portal.


Q. Do I need to purchase a license for Guests to access Salentica Engage?

A. Yes, even Guests will need a license to log in to Salentica Engage. Learn more about inviting guest users here. To assign a license to a user account, please refer to Creating a New User. Please submit a ticket to purchase a new license in our Service Portal.


Q. I have assigned a license to a User, but they do not appear in Salentica Engage. How can I see them?

A. When Salentica Engage is configured, we add extra Security to manage who can access your Salentica Engage environment, so after a user is assigned a Dynamics 365 Sales Enterprise license, you will need to also add them to a Security Group named “Salentica Engage - Users.” If you don't see this group, your organization might have changed the name of this group or removed this security group entirely. To learn more, check here


  • After a user is assigned a license and added to the Salentica Engage - Users group, replication can take up to one hour for the user to show up as an Enabled User in Salentica Engage.

  • If a security group is associated with an environment, only users with Dataverse licenses or per-app plan that are members of the environment security group will be created as users in the environment.

  • If you do not specify a security group, all users who have a Dataverse license (customer engagement apps (such as Dynamics 365 Sales and Customer Service)) or per-app plan will be added to the new environment.

After the user shows up in Salentica (Engage), you still have to assign CRM Security Roles; more information here.


Q. Why is a user record showing up as disabled?

A. This means that the affected user no longer has a Dynamics 365 Sales Enterprise license assigned to their user profile or is no longer a member of the Salentica Engage - User Security Group. For more information on how to check a user license, please review Creating a New User.





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