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Activities Plus Alerts
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On occasion, you might receive an error in your Activities Plus box, either “There are not enough licenses for this solution”, or “License expires in X days”. The Salentica Support team can assist you with these, we simply need you to enter a support ticket, using the directions below.

Retrieve the License Request File 

In order to update your license key, you will need to submit a support ticket and provide your license request file as an attachment. A System Administrator can retrieve the license request file by following these steps: 

1. Navigate to: Settings > Customizations > Solutions 

2. Double click on the Salentica Licensing solution 

3. On the Configuration Tab click on “Create new License request” 

4. Select and copy all of the text (from the top all the way to the bottom of the scrollbar) within the textbox

Submit a Support Ticket 

Enter a Support ticket with the category of Engage – System Error and include the following information included: 

  1. A copy of the Create New License Request text from Dynamics 

  1. A brief description of the error you’re seeing 

  1. A screenshot of the error you, or your coworker is seeing in Activities Plus 

Next, Salentica will provide you with a new CRM Plus license key which you'll use to update your CRM environment. 

Update your Licensing Solution 

Once you receive the updated license information, 

  1. Go to: Settings > Customizations > Solutions  

  1.  Double click on the Salentica Licensing Solution 

  1. Click on “Update License file” 

  1.  Copy and paste the updated license file (provided to you by Salentica Support) into the textbox 

  1.  Click Save 


Your environment should be updated with the new key and either of the errors within Activities Plus should no longer be present. 

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