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Exports in Google Chrome not opening
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Recently, there has been an issue between Microsoft and Google Chrome, where exports from CRM (Word and Excel) are downloading with an apostrophe added to the beginning and end of the file name. For example, spreadsheet.xlsx is downloaded as 'spreadsheet.xlsx'.  This generally causes Microsoft Office to fail to recognize the file (since it is an xlsx' file instead of an xlsx file), so it will not open automatically. This now appears to be affecting  ALL hosted clients (not just 365) and there is no expected correction or release from Microsoft or Chrome.



We have three suggestions on how to work around this:

  1. Save the file and rename it by removing the apostrophes at the beginning and end of the file name (directions below)
  2. Instead of opening the file directly, drag the file into Excel or Word (as is appropriate)
  3. Use a different browser or older version of Chrome (this can create incompatibility with other programs/platforms/websites)



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