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Upgrade to Engage Major Release 2 -2022
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To upgrade the Data Broker Consolidated Buttons click here. 


To upgrade to the Engage Major Release 2 -2022  Solution, you must enter a ticket to the Service Team.

Please choose the category of Engage: Upgrade Request for the ticket.

Import the New Solution

Log into the environment you would like to upgrade, specifically logging in as System Administrator.

1. Click Settings

2. Click Advanced Settings

3. On the new window/tab, click Settings > Solutions

4. Verify you have an earlier version of Salentica Engage installed, then click Import

5. Click Choose File

6. Select the Engage Solution you downloaded/received from the Salentica Team

7. Click Next

8. Click Next again

9. Make sure the following options are selected:

a. Solution Action: Upgrade (recommended)

b. Previous customizations on components included in this solution: Maintain customizations (recommended)

c. Post Import Actions: Checked Enable any SDK message processing steps included in the solution 

10. Click Import

The solution will start importing. This step will take about 30 minutes to complete, so enjoy your coffee or tea!

Confirm the Uninstallation the Old Solution

After the new solution has imported, the old solution of Engage needs to be uninstalled before you can install the Flow Solutions. In order to check the status of the old solution, under Settings, you can go to Solutions History. It can take up to 15 minutes for the old solution to be uninstalled, and you can refresh the view periodically to verify the uninstall before following the next steps to install the Flow Solutions.


Major Release 2 has a very simple implementation for either an update or an upgrade. There are few post-installation steps necessary, but these few steps are outlined here. Please work with the Support team if you have a non-standard build or extensive customizations.

Data and Settings

  1. Navigate to

  2. Select the Environment you Intend to Upgrade

  3. Import data for Lookup Entity

  4. Open Dataverse Tables and select All tables.

  5. Select Lookup table

   6.Navigate to Import>Import Data from Excel


   7. Upload the Lookup Data File. This file is provided by the Support Team.

8. When upload is finished, map only the data columns as pictured below

9. Save changes

10. Import Mapped Data

11. Success looks like this:

Fix Connection Error

It's possible that between steps 10 &11, you might get a Fix Connection Error.

There's a pretty simple fix, go back into Data Connections > Find Connections with Status Fix Connection. Once you identify these, you can simply click Fix Connection and you should no longer receive this error. Contact the Support Team with additional questions.

Next Step: Use this article to learn how to incorporate the Deals upgrades into Engage.


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