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FAQ: Fixing Faulty Columns in Saved Views
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You may notice that data is not showing up under certain columns in a view, yet does show correctly on the individual records. Follow these instructions to restore the data on your Saved Views.



Column appears blank in view as shown:

Data still exists on individual record:


Data populates on the column view after manual entry in the individual record and reopening the view:


This indicates there is an issue with the view and it didn't save properly. The view can be fixed by removing and re-adding the column that is missing data.



1. Click the Edit Columns option.

2. Select the three dots on the side of the column you want to fix. 

3. Click Remove. Then click Apply. 

4. Once the column is removed, add it back by clicking Edit Columns. Click +Add Columns. Select the column you want to add. 

5. Click the three dots again to move the column up or down. Click Apply.

6. The column will now show the proper data.




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