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Chronos Service for Engage
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Another benefit of using Salentica Data Broker, in addition to the third-party integration features, is the Chronos feature. Chronos is a feature of our Data Broker tool that allows for day count functionality within Engage CRM, which is not a native feature of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform.


Chronos provides valuable information related to dates at a glance. Chronos can be configured to count the days until a future date (eg, next birthday or anniversary date), the difference from a previous date (eg, Contact Age or Relationship Age), or the time between two given dates (eg, date of death). Quickly see the dates that are important to your and your clients!


Data is pulled from the Dynamics CRM into the Data Broker for calculations by Chronos and then calculated data is pushed out to the CRM.


Chronos can be configured to calculate Age/Days Unit for any number of date fields. For example,


  • Birthday
  • Days until X Event (Next Contact, Next Review Date)
  • Start Date (Relationship)


The Chronos service is scheduled to run daily to update calculations; should a manual run be needed, it can be triggered from the scheduler within Data Broker:

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