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Data Broker Troubleshooting Tips on Engage
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If your Data Broker data hasn't updated in Engage for the day, here are some troubleshooting tips. 

Did Data Broker Run?

Did Data Broker run today? If there are no entries in the log for Today, check to make sure Data Broker was scheduled to run. There are two options for Daily Batch Downloads: Manual and Scheduled. Learn more about reviewing Data Broker logs here.

Manual Download

Scheduled Download

Incorrect Credentials

For Data Broker to receive and process files correctly, you need to be sure the credentials on file are up to date. If they have been changed for any reason, and aren't updated within Engage, your Data Broker integration will not work. Check the Data Integration Log to determine if the issue was with the Bulk Update CRM or Request Batched Data log entry. 

  1. Request Batch Data: Status = Error; this means you either have an issue with the file being delivered by your Financial Platform or your credentials need to be updated for that Financial Platform.
    • Next Step: Select the Credentials tab to update the Financial Platform user information (our example shows Black Diamond as the Financial Platform).
    • If the Credentials are correct, check with your Financial Platform to confirm the files were produced and sent.
  2. Bulk Update CRM: Status = Error; this means you have an issue with your Dynamics/Engage credentials. 
    • Next Step: Select the Credentials tab to update the Microsoft Dynamics user information. This user must be a System Administrator. 


If you cannot determine the issue causing the error, create a service ticket so we can assist you. When selecting a category for your service ticket, choose Engage-System Error.

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