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Enable an Entity for Set Regarding in Outlook App
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When using the Outlook App with Engage, you may want to link an email to a specific entity in the CRM using the Set Regarding functionality. This will show the email under the Entity's Activities section. We recommend tracking all emails to the Relationship Entity, however, you may need to track emails to another entity. To add a new entity to the Set Regarding option, follow the steps outlined below.

1. Log in to

2. Ensure you select the correct environment by selecting Environment. The environment you want to edit should be checked. 

3. Select Apps > Dynamics 365 Apps for Outlook, then select Edit

4. Select Add> Select Entities under Artifacts. You may need to click Switch to Classic if you do not see this option.

5. Select the entity you wish to add to Set Regarding under the Components section. In this example, Family is the entity being added. Check the box next to Family, then the three dots to See more options for the entity. Select Edit.

6. You must check the box for Activities under Communication & Collaboration. This is a required field for this to work. Select Save and Close.

7. Select Save and Close and then Publish.



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