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Upgrade Engage Data Broker Consolidated Buttons
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These instructions show you how to incorporate the new Consolidated Buttons into your Salentica Engage. So that your colleagues can see the new Consolidated Buttons, you'll need to install the new Data Broker package. Next, remove any old ribbon buttons and existing web resources, if there are any. Then, add the new web resource specified below and place it on the page layout in your preferred location. 

Install the New Data Broker Package

1. Install the new version of the Data Broker package.


Remove Any Existing Buttons and Web Resources

2. If needed, first remove the existing Data Broker ribbon buttons. Using the XRM Toolkit Ribbon editor, remove the existing buttons for the following entities:

  • Relationship (labels may vary)
    • Money Guide Pro x2 -MGP; MGP Refresh
    • LaserApp
    • Modestspark
    • Portfolio (if any)
  • Financial Account (if any)

3. Using the CRM advanced settings, remove any existing web resources for the following:

  • Relationship
    • Black Diamond SSO
    • Orion SSO
  • Portfolio (if any)
    • Please note: the Black Diamond Portfolio web resource is not part of the consolidated buttons as the Last Ten Reports is an embedded interactive control, not an SSO/Contextual Hyperlink.
    • Tamarac Rebalance
  • Financial Account (if any)
    • Black Diamond SSO
    • Orion SSO
    • Schwab Move Money
    • Tamarac SSO

Add the New Web Resource

4. In the advanced setting page in CRM, edit the main page layouts for the following objects and add the "ssi_Skyline/Webpages/ConsolidatedIntegration.htm" web resource in a strategic, accessible location for each entity:

  • Relationship
  • Portfolio (if any)
  • Financial Account (if any)

Add the Web Resource to the Page Layout

5. The web resource can be placed anywhere on the page layout. Save.

Congratulations, you're now ready to use the new Data Broker Consolidated Buttons to access your third-party tools all in one place!


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