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Engage Wealth Management Enhancements
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Let's dive a little deeper into the enhancements to the Engage Wealth Management product in this most recent release.

Site Map Updates

   Since we are adding new Tables in this release, it felt like the time to update our default Site Map to better represent the features available. 

  1. Contacts is now People
  2. Companies is now under People
  3. Added a new group - Investment Management - with new tables: Investment Managers, Investment Vehicles, and Models
  4. Sponsorship has been added to Marketing

Tax Filing - Tax Status Picklist Change

   Finally, we have added more options to the Tax Filing - Filing Status column. Available now are: Default: N/A, Single, Head of Household, Married Filing Jointly, Married Filing Separately, Qualifying Widow(er) with Dependent Child, Sole Proprietorships, Partnerships,  Corporations, S Corporations, Limited Liability Company (LLC). Of course, your System Administrator can also adjust the available options too. Learn more about Tax Filing in this article!

Category Tags on Important Information

   We made a small, but significant change to Important Information; you can now add a Category Tag to Important Information on all tables.

This is the Important Information details on a Relationship, and it can be found on other tables, like Contact, as well.

Assign a Category Tag to Important Information

As an Administrator, you can create a list of default Category Tags for your users, so they have a list to choose from. This list can be created in Engage Settings > Additional Control Tables > # Manage Tags. A new Category Tag can be created simply by clicking +New.

New Dashboards

   We have added two new Dashboards with the release: Due Diligence Hub and Data Broker

Due Diligence Hub

  Since each Due Diligence row is associated with another row, to visualize all your Due Diligence records, we have created a Dashboard so you can see all your Due Diligence in one place. You can see all your Due Diligence records by status, allowing quick access to review all active, in progress, completed, and canceled processes. 



Data Broker

We have created a new Dashboard to help you monitor your Data Broker connection from your Portfolio Management System into Engage. This potentially can help you identify discrepancies between the two systems. Some of the statistics we have included are:

# of Financial Accounts Created Today

# of Financial Accounts were valuation date < 24 hrs

# of Financial Accounts without an ExternalID

# of Portfolios Created Today

# of Portfolios were valuation date < 24 hrs

# of Portfolios without an ExternalID

# of Relationships Created Today

# of Relationships were valuation date < 24 hrs

# of Relationships without an ExternalID

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