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Create a Chart in Engage
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Charts are an excellent way to present meaningful data as graphs.  In Engage, you can create charts and utilize them in multiple ways, such as adding them to a Dashboard. 


Similar to Views and Dashboards, Engage comes with a number of useful System Charts; however, there may be a chart you want to display that isn't currently available, so you will need to create a chart to display the data. Also, like Views and Dashboards, if you create My Charts, no one else will be able to see it. If this will be a chart that needs to be displayed on Dashboards and Views available for everyone, a System Administrator will need to create this chart as a System Chart.

Creating a Chart

  1. Start by selecting the Entity you'd like to base the chart on from the Site Map.
  2. Once in the Entity View, select Show Chart just above the name of the View in the top-left.
  3. Select +New from the dropdown menu.
  4. From here, the Chart Editor will open in a new browser tab.

Using the Chart Designer

  1. Name the chart just below Chart Designer:


  2. Select the Legend Entries (Series) and how it is displayed, which will appear along the vertical axis.  This can be any data point from the selected Entity.

  3. Next, select the horizontal axis (category).  In most cases, this is the same data point as the vertical axis.

  4. A chart preview should now load in the middle of the window.  If you'd like to change how the graph is displayed, you can choose different chart types (available in the top ribbon of the chart editor).

  5. Select Save, or Save & Close to return to the previous screen.


You should now see a section in the graphs titled My Charts, where you'll see your newly created chart!

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