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Site Map Customization
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Occasionally, because of updates to Microsoft Dynamics, or as a result of customization to your navigation menu (sitemap), it is possible that you will be unable to find something that was available in your Settings Menu previously. In this example, we are going to re-add Security under Settings in Engage. 

The Fix

You can add the Security option under Settings by editing the sitemap within the sitemap designer. Please note, you must be a System Administrator to make this adjustment.

  1. Navigate to Settings > Advanced Settings 


  2. Next, click Settings > Customization > Customize the System



  3. Click Client Extensions > Sitemap > Edit 

  4. Click Settings > System > +Add > Subarea


  5. Copy and paste the following value into the URL field:      /tools/AdminSecurity/adminsecurity_area.aspx

  6. In the Title field, type Security

  7. Use the following value for the ID value:  nav_security 


  8. Click Save and then click Publish

  9. Close the sitemap designer 

  10. Within the Solution dialog, click Publish All Customizations 


  11. Logout and log back into the organization to see your changes

Another Subarea that might need to be added is Dynamics 365 App for Outlook. The instructions on how to make the changes are the same, with these few adjustments (starting with #5 from above):

  1. Copy and paste the following value into the URL field:      /tools/appsforcrm/AppForOutlookAdminSettings.aspx

  2. In the Title field, type Dynamics 365 App for Outlook

  3. Use the following value for the ID value:  crmapp_outlook

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