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Employment History
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Instead of just knowing where your clients currently work, you can use Employment History to track a Contact’s current & past employment history over the years. You can use this information for various custodial, mortgage, or insurance forms. Also, you can use this information to communicate with all current and former employees of a company. To track this, you will go to a Contact then to Related:


Employment history is located under Contacts (1:N relationship).

What's included in Employment History

The fields that come with Employment History by default include:

Job Details

  Field Name   Field Type
  Contact   Look Up & Required  
  Primary Employment?    Yes/No Toggle
  Job Title   Text & Required
  Company   Text
  Occupation   Text
  Employment Type   Text
  Start Date   Date
  End Date   Date
  Annual Salary (Gross)    Dollar
  Employment Notes   Text
  Reason for Leaving   Text
  Self-Employed   Yes/No Toggle

Industry Information

Field Name   Field Type
  Director or Ten Percent Shareholder    Yes/No Toggle  
  Director or Ten Percent Shareholder Comp    Dollar - Dependent on Director or Ten Percent Shareholder = Yes 
  FINRA Affiliated    Yes/No Toggle

Note: These fields are based on the Fall 2021 release.

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