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Engage Release Timeline
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We are constantly working to improve your experience on Engage. Here you can find our significant milestones and enhancements that have shaped the evolution of Engage. From the beginning to our latest update, each release represents a culmination of innovation, client feedback, and dedication from our Product team. As you navigate the release timeline, you'll witness the progression of features and improvements that have propelled Engage to new heights. If you need to update your version of Engage to incorporate any of the features listed below, please contact our Support Team for assistance. 



New Module! Workflow Manager

The Workflow Manager is a comprehensive module within Salentica Elements, designed to efficiently control, manage, and automate business processes. It offers a series of tools to create and manage workflows, each uniquely configured to align with the various processes within your firm. Workflow Manager includes Templates, Launcher, and Workflows objects.


New Entity! Employment History

Use Employment History to track a Contact’s current & past employment history over the years.


New Entity! Financial Plan

This is where these details about the Financial Plan can be logged, revisited, and adjusted as needed for team members to reference when having important discussions with clients.


New Entity! Tax Filing

With Tax Filings, Salentica Engage allows you to easily track high-level, and historical, details about your client's tax situation, and keep that information in a central location.


New Report! Relationship Summary Report

We have created a Relationship Summary Report that shows you key points about a single Relationship, and you can export this information into many different formats, including Excel, Word, PowerPoint, or even PDF.


Relationship Profile Score

Using the Relationship Profile Score, you can determine the data points most important for your team, and come up with a score, value, or data point, that shows you how complete your records are!


Interaction Service Module- Custom Activity Types

This update allows custom naming for the standard Activity Types to be used for InTouch.


Activities Plus-Default Date

The Activities date field will now default to the current date/time when setup.


Former Client Updates

When the Relationship Type is changed to Former Client, all the Relationship Member Contacts Type will be adjusted from Client to Former Client.


Deactivate Relationships

You can choose to automatically deactivate Activities, Contacts, Financial Accounts, Portfolios, etc., when you deactivate a Relationship.


Opportunity & Lead Updates

We have added time stamps to the Opportunity Pipeline steps so that you can accurately see the length of time your Opportunities are in each Phase. A secondary Contact lookup has been added to the Opportunity form so that you can have more than one Contact per Opportunity. Upon Lead qualification, the Contact on that Lead will automatically be identified as a Prospect on their Contact record.


Address Inheritance from Company

Not all Contacts are related to a Relationship, but instead a Company. Address Inheritance now allows Contacts to inherit the address from their associated Company.


Adjustments to Default Audit Entities & Fields


Auditing in Engage can consume large amounts of log storage with a small number of entities and fields that update frequency. Engage now comes with auditing turned off on specific Entities and Fields.


Link to Salentica Help Center

We want you to have the most, up-to-date help for Salentica Engage that there is! You can now link directly to our Help Center through your Engage website directly through the question mark in the top right menu.

2022 MR1

New Object! Due Diligence

Due Diligence helps streamline the process of tracking your due diligence processes. Due Diligence is available on Investment Manager, Company and New Business in Wealth Management and Distribution Channel, Company, and New Business in Asset Management.


New Entity! Sponsorships

As part of the Marketing Tools available on Engage, Sponsorship allows you to track sponsors for your campaigns, helping you keep track of which events they have sponsored, what their monetary contributions have been, and other helpful fields.


New Entity! Investment Managers

Do you use Investment Managers for your portfolio management? You can now track the Investment Managers with whom you do business, including all Due Diligence efforts you've expended on behalf of your clients. 


New Entity! Investment Vehicles

Track the Investment Vehicles you offer to your clients, including their investment terms, fees, investment process, etc. Quickly see a list of all your approved Investment Vehicles and important columns that help you decide if you'll offer that vehicle to your client


New Entity! Asset Allocation

Asset Allocation is now a Related List item on the Model for referencing what vehicles may fit a model. Memorialize when vehicles are added/removed from a model.


New Entity! Models

Models can now be tracked in your CRM, and assigned to Investment Vehicles or Portfolios. They consist of a Model Name, code, and target weights on your allocation of Alternatives, Cash, Equity, Fixed, and Other classifications.


Site Map Updates

The Site Map has been updated to include access to new Entities.


Tax Filing - Tax Status Picklist Change

We have added more options to the Tax Filing - Filing Status column. Available now are: Default: N/A, Single, Head of Household, Married Filing Jointly, Married Filing Separately, Qualifying Widow(er) with Dependent Child, Sole Proprietorships, Partnerships,  Corporations, S Corporations, Limited Liability Company (LLC).


Category Tags on Important Info

You can now add a Category Tag to Important Information on all tables.


New Dashboards

We have added two new Dashboards with the release: Due Diligence Hub and Data Broker


Asset Management- Due Diligence

 We have added Due Diligence to Distribution Channel, Company, and Opportunity. This will act as a hub for centralizing activities (such as emails, meeting notes, phone calls, etc.), improving collaboration, and increasing operational efficiency - giving you more control over your data.


Asset Management- Pipeline Management

We have incorporated Pipeline Management, including Leads and Opportunities in the Asset Management product. This will allow you to track your Leads and Opportunities as they are associated with your institutional relationships, distribution channels, and teams.


Asset Management- Rep Codes

You can now add multiple Rep Codes to Contacts, as well as associate them with a Distribution Channel.

2022 MR2

New App! Salentica Deals

The Deals app is your all-in-one resource to track and manage all your non-marketable assets including mergers, acquisitions, real estate, and other capital investments. Deals includes Companies, Contacts, Investments, Investment Opportunities, InTouch, and Outreach.

2023 MR1

Workflow Manager- Linked To Lookup Field

We've taken the versatility of Workflow Manager to a new level, by enabling a multi-entity lookup field, called Linked To. Now, you have the option to relate the Workflow to additional entities, significantly increasing usefulness and productivity. 


Workflow Manager- Description Transfer

We've streamlined the transfer of the Description field from the Workflow Launcher to the Workflow. Any Description data entered at the Workflow Launcher stage is automatically carried over to the Workflow.


Workflow Manager- Checklist Percentage Complete

We've introduced a view that displays the percentage completion of checklist tasks. This gives users a visual snapshot of their progress within the checklist


Workflow Manager- Deactivated Workflows Task Closure

We've introduced a new Power Automate Flow to automate the closure of any open, assigned tasks when a workflow is deactivated. This helps clear any unnecessary tasks from your open task list.


Task Notifications by Email

Optional- To ensure tasks are always front and center, we've designed an email notification for every task created using Power Automate Flows. This keeps users instantly informed about their tasks and helps maintain focus and productivity.


Email Rich Text Editor

In our quest to continually enhance communication capabilities within Engage, our Product Team has introduced a "Rich Text Editor Control" in the email description field.


Refined Financial Account Forms

We've refined the default layout of the Financial Account forms for enhanced navigation. These updates increase intuitiveness and usability.


Government ID Expiration Email Alerts

Optional- We've streamlined the tracking of government ID expiration dates on the Contact form with a Power Automate Flow. This system sends an automated email reminder to the Contact's Relationship Manager 30 days before the ID's expiration, helping firms maintain up-to-date records without missing a beat. 


Revamped Legal Entities Agent Type Table

To increase usability and ease of maintenance, we have upgraded the Agent Type field from a picklist to a table. This enhancement will provide a streamlined and intuitive interface.


Asset Management- Investment Account ID & PMS Account Number

To offer a more comprehensive view of Asset Management Investment accounts, we've introduced the External ID and PMS Account Number fields.


Asset Management- Sum of Contributions/Withdrawals on Investor Accounts

Optional- Engage now aggregates Contributions and Withdrawals in a Year-to-Date, Rolling 12 Months, and Inception to Date format on Investor Accounts.


Asset Management- Opportunities Pipeline Phases

We’ve integrated the Pipeline Phases into the Asset Management Opportunities Entity. The Pipeline Phases are pivotal in guiding users through the different stages of the business processes for Opportunities.

2023 MR2

Workflow Manager- Overall End Date Required

When creating a Workflow from Workflow Launcher, and a recurring frequency is selected, Overall End Date will now be a required field.


Refinement of Task Email

Now, the Task Email flow will trigger an email to be sent when a task is either Added or an existing task is Modified. This includes Activities Plus Tasks as well as Workflow Manager Tasks.


In-App Task Notifications Redesign

The Notification Table that sends In-App notifications to Outlook has been enhanced to display all the basic details of the Task along with a Quick Access Link.


Optimization of Government ID Expiry Email Notification

The Power Automate Flow that checks for the expiration of government IDs on Contacts and sends an email notification has been updated to streamline operations with a more intuitive interface. This improvement makes tracking Driver’s License and Passport details easier and more efficient.


App ID Retrieval

The new App-ID Retrieval Update in Engage streamlines identifying applications within Power Automate flows, addressing the previous challenge of locating App-IDs in URLs. The App-ID Retrieval Update is key for correctly identifying each Engage app in Power Automate flows, especially important due to multiple apps.

June 2024 Percent Complete Field Locked When Checklist Present If a checklist is associated with a Task in a Workflow, the Percent Complete field will be locked.This field will be calculated based on the percentage of the checklist that has been marked complete. 
  Associated Data Sub Grid Now an Editable Grid Associated Data subgrid in Workflows now allows inline editing, enhancing efficiency and the user experience.
  Appropriate Phone Number Formatting on Contact Quick Create Forms Now, the Business Phone Number on the Quick Create Contact format will match the pre-existing telephone number formatting.
  Refined Company Entity Tabs The tab previously labeled Employment History under the Company entity has been renamed to Related Contacts (Employment Histories).
  Company Lookup Field Available on Lead Form This enhancement allows users to associate an institutional Lead with a Company record from the creation of the Lead record. Upon qualification of the Lead with an associated Company record, the newly created Opportunity record is linked to the Company.


For further information, check out our Releases section

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